Sartorial Slip

Elegant in design and effortless by nature, the midi magician slip skirt will elevate your wardrobe to the next level. Re-imagined in past seasons yet never cementing its status till now, the midi slip is your new wardrobe hero.

Just a few seasons ago, you may remember the pleated skirt making a huge impact, fast forward and the forecast shows the silk slip midi skirt is it’s replacement.

Beloved by many fashionistas on Instagram, this versatile piece can be styled many ways to suit you, however in this post I’ll show you how the most popular and common way to style this piece for the Autumn/Winter season.

Start, by selecting a skirt that will compliment your existing wardrobe separates perfectly so you can just change tops as you need. The skirt that I am wearing is available from H & M and features an elastic high waist (fabric is polyester). The champagne shade adds a touch of glam to my wardrobe and is the perfect piece to dress up as well.


Next, following the cult following of style, the most popular top to team with the midi slip skirt is none other than a chunky knit top.

Remember, this look is a cross between effortless glam meets edgy, so take a cue from the fashion pact and nail the basics of this look. Style your knit by loosely tucking it into the skirt so it sits over the waistline.

To bring your look together opt for an ankle or military boot for a tough. Swapping sneakers for boots, will see you through Winter and give your look a fresh revival.

Inject some edge into your outfit and drape a camera style cross body bag over your look. The camera bag is the perfect addition to bring your look up to date and although chunky is designed to impact your look. The next time your looking for a wardrobe altering enhancement try this slip midi skirt.