Metallic Muse

High in shine, dazzling glam and more fun than your average fabric, the fashion world has been having a metallic moment since long before Studio 54 days.

This timeless trend recently had a runway resurgence at the A/W ’19 and S/S ’19 shows courtesy of Balmain, Tom Ford, Givenchy and Roberto Cavalli. From futuristic pantsuits to foil esque shorts to all-out glam flapper dresses, the memo was clear metallic serves as the perfect way to elevate any ensemble.

In this week’s blogpost, I’ll show you how to wear metallic the ‘acceptable way’ and even turn up to a birthday in it, (without shining brighter than the candles on the cake)! Metallic has a way of dressing up any outfit without feeling too over the top, plus surprisingly versatile.

This trend is one that will make a statement in all the right ways. To illustrate the point, I have found the perfect chic, feminine cute metallic dress to wear anywhere.Start by opting for a shade of metallic that is versatile enough to compliment the accessories in your wardrobe.

As you can see the dress I am wearing is champagne coloured metallic, hence makes it accessible for day time wear and softens the boldness that metallic boasts, also adding a touch of romance. The dress I am wearing is available from Dotti.

The ruffle wrap skater style of dress, is incredibly flattering on any figure and with the kimono sleeves offers a polished finish. The frilled hem makes for a flirty, feminine touch and wrap bodice provided the prefect amount of structure.

The dress assembles together with a full length zip at the back and sits slightly loose on the body, yet extremely comfortable too. The depth of the shimmer in the fabric is notable when standing in different lighting,it provides a  seductive shimmer rather than full on shine factor.

To bring this look together, choose accessories that will complement the metallic fabric rather than confuse the look. Keep in mind metallic is just as tricky dress as bold prints, so as this dress that is predominantly champagne, opt for pieces that are sparkly and shine in harmony with the dress.

I opted for a pair of rose-gold, mirrored aviator sunglasses which add a glam factor to the look, On your wrists opt for some more rose-gold and silver bracelets/bangles/cuffs whichever you may like.

I then teamed this soft blush Michael Kors bag that features studded detail on both sides of the bag for some extra glam. The small style tote works great with the dress, as it doesn’t interfere with the neckline.

To keep the look daytime appropriate, I simply teamed a low-heeled block sandal, which featured a strap of rose gold glitter. The shiny detail on the show helps to keep the outfit on theme, without over-powering.

For a night time look, feel free to grab your highest heels and elevate the look in a different way. The next time you’re looking to make a statement turn your attention to metallic yet with a champagne twist!