Wrap it Up: Scarf Print Style

Channel your inner Versace girl and enter the scarf print trend, which is about to smash Summers’s minimalist mood in all its print clashing glory.

Slay the Autumn/Winter ‘19 season scarf print trend, in a neatly wrapped patchwork dress, chic heels and serious shades.

First appearing on the Autumn/Winter ‘18 runway, designers including Salvatore Ferragamo took traditional scarf motifs and blew them up to create a plethora of elaborate creations, from draped tops, to wrap dresses and blouses.

Silky and drapey, has been done before, just as colourful print of scarves is nothing new, but together these two elements complement each other in unimaginable ways.

If your planning on investing in one trend this season, then I would urge you to dig deep in your pockets and splurge on a scarf print ‘anything’!! In this week’s blogpost, I’m recreated a look embracing the scarf print trend and will show  you how to style this chic wrap dress.

The traditional Autumn/Winter colour palette usually consists of greys, black, creams and splashes of tan. Not necessarily brightly coloured clashing prints that feature almost every colour of the rainbow! Throw it back to the Winter ‘18 season which first saw the arrival or introduction if you like, of the scarf print trend.

Yet it took to this season for us to notice this trend hanging in the boutiques and making waves on the gram.Bold in colour and clever in design, it pays to step out of your comfort zone and embrace this trend. This particular dress I am wearing is available from Wayne Cooper.

This long-sleeved wrap dress features a V-neckline, frilled hem, boasts a regular fit and is 100% polyester. Ideal for the cooler months, the long sleeves will help to keep you warm and the wrap style makes it ever so versatile to don at any occasion.

The dress features an elastic waist, making it easy to step into it to get it on the body.To wear this chic dress right into the heart of Winter, apply some clever styling tips and recreate a look that will have you covered for multiple seasons.

Just think how chic a black cropped leather biker jacket would look teamed over the dress with a pair of over-the-knee boots to match. When it comes to accessories, try not to over complicate the outfit by piling too many pieces on.

This dress can hold its own better than invisible Hollywood tape! So avoid feeling the need to bring out all your rose-gold pieces, a simple pair of silver studs in the ears, will always look chic.

The next time your looking to add some unexpected colour into your wardrobe, don’t’ wait till Summer but rather embrace all that Autumn has to offer.


  1. Hi Natalie this scarf print wrap dress is so very cute! It looks nice on you I would have to step out of my comfort zone to Wear it. It is nice that it has an elastic waist, and I do like ruffled hemlines. You certainly can wears it a number of ways , the biker jacket and boots idea sounds fun. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend Terri ❤


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