Embrace Lace

Elegance, delicacy and romance are the three emotions evoked when one thinks of lace. Loaded with bridal connotations and often the backbone of a fabulous evening look, lace is one of those trends that can easily make or break your wardrobe

Lace has been an important element in fashion since the Late Middle Ages. It’s one of the most complex fabric techniques, there are laces made with a single thread and some that use more than a thousand threads. To wear lace in a proper way is to look stylish and not matronly.

When it comes to working this whimsical romantic fabric into your wardrobe it can be a little tricky (hence why lace hasn’t got the best reputation). With a few clever styling tips and some hints on how to wear this fabric, you will master lace in no time!

While I am not suggesting that your turn up to any impending Summer nuptials in a matching dress to the bride, a pink lace dress is a great option to consider this season.

The dress that I am wearing is available from Tokito, (Myer). The soft pink shade of lace, makes this ultra feminine piece easy to wear and with the frill detail on the shoulder, it offers a flirty finish.

When looking to invest in a lace dress, keep in mind that the hemline shoulder be slightly longer than an A-Line cut and silhouette floaty. This gives the dress an identity and makes it a viable daytime option. As you can see with this piece, the frill detail on the sleeves and on the bottom of the dress adds a touch of romance to this piece.

Perfect to wear out to the elegant occasion eg High-Tea, birthday lunch, Mother’s Day breakfast, plus much more! A pink lace dress will provide the ideal alternative to your white off-the-shoulder dress that you have already worn on repeat and provide a fresh exciting option in your wardrobe.

Another tip to consider with lace is to opt for a colour that is soft, pastel and most of all nothing bright! Lace can look very cheap when it’s too bright, hence why the soft pink is a great starting point.

Obviously  white can present challenges  and can limit the useage, however is a second great option to pink. Blonde or brunette, pink lace has an innate ability to flatter both complexions looking entirely indivudal one each.

When it comes to pairing accessories with a pink lace dress, just remember to keep in theme with the colour and less is more. As you can see, I am wearing a soft pink Mimco watch with a pink thin matching bracelet, (as I wanted to keep the look ultra chic & feminine) and on the other wrist have some rose-gold bangles.

I also opted for a delicate bag which was soft blush and quite small, you never want to over power the lace with accessories so choose pieces that you can subtly work into the outfit.

To keep this look on point for daytime, I chose to team a pair of neutral wedges. Feel free to opt for any heel height you like and works best for the occasion. When your next looking for inspiration remember, the Summer 19′ season is the time to embrace lace!


  1. I just love this dress you are wearing Natalie!! It so feminine and right up my street,gotta love lace. The frill are so cute on the shoulders and hemline. You accessorised beautifully also and are ready for any summer occasion. Take care and stay cool in the heat, Terri xo.


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