Summer with H & M

Clear blue skies, crystal clear water and white sand hotter than the week’s forecast…Summer has officially arrivedDecember marks the official start of the swim season, and that of course means taking a moment to carefully look at your current bathing suit inventory..(in other words it’s time to find your new go-to swimsuit).

Whether your only at the beach to soak up some sun (plus work on your tan) or maybe there is an upcoming getaway on your calender, a swimsuit upgrade is always welcome in the warmer season.

In this week’s blog post, I’ve opted for a bright floral inspired two-piece swimsuit (available from H & M). Confession…I am all too guilty of wearing black swimwear literally season in season out. However, with the welcome of the 18’/19’ Summer season, it was time to choose something brighter and a little more inspiring.

When it comes to shopping for swimwear, most of us tend to be creatures of habit, you find a fit or style or even brand that you love….and five Summers later your still staying within your boundaries.  But with H & M’s range of swimwear this Summer season, you’ll find five very good reasons to try something new. From inventive colour-blocking, to amped up prints and new silhouettes…your new Summer wardrobe awaits.

For Perth locals, this swimsuit is available from the H & M Perth city store, the top retails for $24.95 and the bottoms for $19.95. (For everyone else outside of Perth, unfortunately this particular colour is currently sold out online, however the same design is still available in other colours)

First and foremost, I am always drawn to the colour and design of a swimsuit, it literally has to be visually attractive for me to even contemplate trying on (because let’s face it, swimwear can be all too time consuming). This particular design, appealed to me because of the intricate floral detail and gold trimming around the edges the top and bottoms

Aside from colour and design, the next most important component to finding the right swimsuit is the fit. When it comes to bikini’s, I always prefer the top to have padding, this way it provides a smooth finish and also structure (which definitely helps when your in the water swimming.

You will also notice the detail on the back, is quite unique with the straps crossing over, similar to the design of a bra.To get the top on, you actually loosen the straps with the adjustable links and pull it over your head, almost like a top. The clasp at the back actually is purely for design purposes and therefor doesn’t fasten that way. Initially I thought the top was going to be too hard to get into, but turns out it is actually much easier.

The bottoms are elastic and feature gold trimming on the edge, they are extremely comfortable and secure too. While I have other swimsuits with the ties, these bottoms are great for swimming in too because they are firm and structured.

To complete this beach look, I paired a see-through croteched black cover-up over the bathers for arriving to and from the beach. I love a good cover-up and especially one that dries easily. Pair your favourite beach bag and flip flops ( or wedges..just for the purpose of this shoot lol) and your ready for Summer!


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