Red Alert

Red takes no prisoners. It’s the colour of life and action, as well as shorthanded for high passion. Think Saturday night red-rose sellers outside restaurants, love-heart shaped chocolates and sweet strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce. Red is to be approached with caution, it is the symbol of extremes, from passionate love, to seduction, anger and adventure.

Some trends are born on the runway, some make their mark on the streets, however back in February designers such as Jil Sander, Valentino, Balenciaga all featured this bright hue in their collections. It wouldn’t be long till Instagram followed in form, with major insta-stars all donning red on the regular.

This anti-minimalism trend can take time to master, and creating the perfect all-red look requires practice and knowledge. This week’s blog post is a salute to the colour of the season, so read this post before you step out of the house wearing all-red!

Investing or exploring a new trend can be daunting, try reaching for pieces that can be easily worked into your current wardrobe as well as opting for classic cuts and styles. For example, although everything might come in red this season (tops, skirts, pants ect), I will always opt for the chicest option, that still reflects my own personal style.

This particular shirt dress from Tokito (available through Myer & online) was an ideal option, due to the effortless style of the dress. Easy flowing and sitting closely to the body, the shirt dress never dates, but rather has cemented itself as one of my personal wardrobe staples. Similar in style to the iconic Dianne Von Furtensburg wrap dress, these styles provide endless versatility.

By far the boldest piece in my wardrobe and the most exciting, it still remains versatile enough that I can easily alter the entire look with a few quick styling tricks. For the purpose of this look, I wanted to create an on-trend, up to the minute outfit that could be easily replicated.

Which is why of chose to add a Winter influence to the outfit and styled the dress with a pair of statement over-the-knee boots. The boots add edge to the outfit, which balances out the ultra feminine floral print on the dress.

However, if you wanted to wear this during Spring, then you could easily swap the boots for a peep-toe wedge and black bag for something lighter to create a new look. Do try to avoid matching any red accessories (other than a bold lip), wearing red is all about achieving balance.

The intricate white floral pattern on this dress, adds a flirty twist, making it more interesting than just a plain red piece. When creating this look, I wanted to put together a glam touch to the outfit which is why the combination of the boots and gold chain detail on the bag help to add a luxe feel, creating a moment all of its own.

If your hesitant to try a new trend or think, I can’t possibly wear something as bold as red then start with hints of colour, in either makeup, nails, or accessories. Take a cue from Victoria Beckham, and team a pair of red pumps with a black outfit for a mini fashion statement. (just as she did for the royal wedding).

Remember the Winter 18′ season, is the time to go bold with your outfit choices, step outside your comfort zone and embrace the colour of the season!


    • Thanks so much for your kind words Jess! I’m glad you loved the look. (my apologies as well, I am sorry for getting back to your comment late, the notification didn’t get to my inbox). I had so much fun looking at your new website, congrats on the update it looks truly amazing! I have wanted to revamp mine for some time, but I just never get around to it. Beautiful aesthetic and gorgeous pics on your latest blog post, again massive congrats X

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