Trend Alert: Corset Comeback

With Winter comes cheery things like hot cocoa, warm fires and puppies in coats. But baby, just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t have as much fun getting dressed and look just as stylish as you did in the warmer months. While over-sized knits and faux fur coats might define the season of rain, the striking combination of a white corset shirt teamed with a killa black mini pleated ruffle skirt will earn you major style credit!

The first key piece to this look is this off-the-shoulder statement white corset shirt (available from Bardot & is currently on sale!). The shirt features buttons at the front (which are for decorative purposes only) and has a zip at the back which is how you get the top on.

The sweat heart neckline is accompanied by a corset and attached sleeves. This top is designed for a very structured fit as the inside is lined and features boning. Crafted from a viscose crepe fabric, there is a slight sheen to the top. As this piece is shorter in length, sitting at more of a cropped height, it looks best teamed with high-waisted pieces eg skirt/pants.

The next key part to this look, is the black mini ruffle pleated skirt ( available from H & M). Whilst I was initially drawn to pair this shirt with my wet-look jeans, I instead opted for this flirty three tiered layer skirt. This A-Line skirt features a high waist, and elastic band which makes for a idealistic comfortable fit.

If you notice closely in the images, you will see the layers of pleated ruffles and detail of the cotton fabric, polyester . The skirt makes for the perfect Winter piece, the shade of black offers a lot of depth, making it effortless to wear with both tights and legs.

The light-weight  feel of the skirt, allows for easy flowy movement on the body and the high waist-line is best paired with either tops tucked in or cropped length pieces. To take this look to the next level, opt for only on-trend accessories to team with the outfit, to give the look an identity all of it’s own.

Right now, I am currently crushing over the Circle Bag, these too cute to touch round statement bags are popping up everywhere. The black leather combined with the gold chain (as see in the images) and chic design, makes for a serious edgy addition to your outfit.

A side tip, when shopping for the Circle Bag, try to find one that is medium-to large size, as the too small styles will make it impossible to fit your smart phone in. These bags aren’t going to offer as much room as your beloved tote will, so ladies it’s all about only carrying the very bare essentials!

In terms of footwear, I am currently obsessed with the sock boot! This black pair is open toed (which makes it extremely versatile for wearing through-out the seasons) and features a block wooden heel.

Almost the perfect comprise between a shoe and boot, these sock boots are also super comfortable to wear, plus offer a lot of support on the foot too. Finally introduce a pop of red for a ultimate high glam finish! Steering away from my go-to pinks, I opted for a bold red lip with this look, plus a deep berry red shade on the nails (nails are SNS with tips).

Now that we are in the middle of winter, it’s time to swap the bright Summer pinks for deep, romantic reds. Team your favourite chic shades with your look and your ready to go!

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