Refined Ruffles

Feminine to its truest form with a hint of flirtatious tones, the ruffle skirt has captured a new audience, introducing a whole different element to your wardrobe. Ruffles are romantic in the traditional sense that often equate love with epic poems and picturesque country sides.

However, this season it’s all about the refined ruffle from a minimalist’s point of view. Turn your attention to this seasons silent achiever, and try swapping your mini skirt for sateen floral ruffle piece instead. Firstly, before you question whether or not ruffles suit your personality (and body) just know that this style looks great on every body shape!

Some women may avoid ruffles out of fear that they create extra volume however with this particular style of skirt that couldn’t be further from the truth. The cascading ruffle on this skirt is inherently flattering because it is proportioned to the body and starts mid-way down the skirt, so the waist remains structured, automatically creating an hourglass figure.

This particular skirt (available from Portmans) has been crafted from a sateen fabric and features an exposed back zip and back hem vent for ease of movement. The fit of the skirt is very structured and designed for a polished finish.

When looking to invest in a ruffle skirt it’s important to feel comfortable in the skirt and to choose a style that won’t over-power  (which a lot can) but rather that still remains effortless. If you are like me and own many A-line skirts or dresses then you might find the switch to the ruffle skirt quite a change, however just remember the right style/fit should make the adjustment much easier.


One of the beneficial advantages to the ruffle skirt, is that it is a piece all on its own and can become extremely versatile when creating different looks. For example, with this look I wanted to create something that was formal so I teamed this black Country Road camisole top with the skirt for a touch of luxe.

The top features a side zip and has been tucked into the skirt for a more polished look. However, for an entirely different outift, try teaming a pink knit jumper over the skirt and team pair of sneakers with the skirt for a street style take.

When teaming different tops with the ruffle skirt, you will find that the majority will suit better to be tucked into the skirt, however with the exception of knits/jumpers which tend to sit loosely over the skirt. Remember that with the ruffle skirt, there are so many different styles of tops that you could team with this piece that each will alter the look of this outfit.


Even in the cooler weather you can team long-sleeved knits and a scarf with this skirt, or add a pair of tights for extra warmth. As the background colour of the skirt is black, it can be worn much more effortlessly in the cooler months yet still has enough pops of colour in the print to remain a feature piece.

When it comes to styling your look with accessories, my best piece of advice is to choose pieces that will complement the floral print of the skirt. For this particular look, I opted to incoproate some rose gold into my jewellery The shoes I am wearing are my ever so faithful open-toed boots however a full boot can also look great with the skirt. Pair your favourite bag or clutch with the look and your outfit complete.


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