Parisian Street Style

With the first month of autumn already here, I can’t help but get excited about the new season and the trends that will be dominating our Winter wardrobes. As the boutiques, all start to bring in new seasons lines, I can’t help but already spy some trends that I had to start wearing ASAP! In this week’s blog post, I wanted to put together a Parisian inspired trans-seasonal look that offered plenty of mileage. Opting for a classic monochrome striped print tee, a pair of wet-look jeans and some on-trend accessories, I have recreated the perfect trans-seasonal outfit.

When piecing together this look, start by reaching for your favourite pair of either wet-look tights, or wet-look jeans as the starting point. The reason I have chosen to opt for the wet look bottom is that it instantly adds more edge and interest to an outfit, rather than just a pair of plain denim.

The jeans that I am wearing are available from Forevernew. I think the trans-seasonal time is perfect for wearing wet-look jeans and in some ways is better suited than in Summer.

The next piece to this look is a monochrome striped print top. The reason I chose this print,  is that the classic black and white stripes add so much impact to an outfit and paired against black makes a statement. The print tee, should sit a bit looser that way it falls over the jeans better and has a slightly more relaxed look.

The best advantage to a print tee like this one is that they are perfect for wearing right now in the season, as well as teamed under jackets. (Top available from Portmans).

For extra style and class, try teaming a jacket over the shoulders to wear with the top. Not only will you have the option to keep you warm in the Winter with a jacket but when worn loosely draped over the shoulders, will look very chic and polished.

In the previous blog post, I have often favoured a leather jacket for draping, however with this look I deliberately opted for a military inspired cropped jacket for something different. I like the feature of the gold buttons which work very well against the outfit and ideal to make a statement.

Bring your outfit together by turning your attention to the hat of the season which is the beloved beret. Not only a Parisian staple but a hall of fame piece, the beret is back in season and I was so excited to start wearing it.

This particular beret I am wearing is available from Dotti, and is a great inexpensive way to look on trend. In terms of footwear, you can really pair any type of shoe you like with this look, I opted for an open-toed pair of boots that feature a wooden wedge.

A bit of a go to in my wardrobe these shoes help to add style to the outfit and instead of wearing a full boot and the perfect in between season choice of shoe.


    • Ah thank you so much Steph. My apologies for my super late reply, thank you for your kind words and I just wanted to say thanks for leaving the link to your website, I just checked it out and it is stunning!!! My gosh the photography is amazing, so glad I found it X


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