Modernistic Monochrome

In this week’s blog post, I have put together a classic monochrome combination, yet added a twist by introducing a statement top with a pair of chiffon shorts and sky high-heels, for extra impact. Long gone are the days of only wearing shorts during the day time, with some clever styling tips plus a few tricks, you too can learn how to turn your favourite pair of shorts into something a little more special.

The first step to remember when restyling any pair of shorts is to opt for a pair that is crafted from a slightly more formal fabric, such as these chiffon ones I am wearing. They are from the store Bardot and are incredibly light-weight, polished and feature a high-waist.


The key to achieving this look is to define the purpose of your outfit, instead of mixing looks up. For example, a denim short will always look casual so there is no need to even attempt to overly dress a pair up. Other fabrics that will work with this look include, polyster/cotton, the more structure the fabric can provide the smarter the short will look. Detailing on the shorts will also help the outfit to look smart, eg belts/high-waist, zip detail.


When it comes to selecting the colour of shorts, I liked the look of white just because they are versatile. Don’t get me wrong I also own a lot of black pairs and find them very wearble, however just for something different white can be a great option.

The most notable benefit, I find to wearing white shorts is that they can work for a multitude of occasions especially social occasions such as lunches, bbq’s afternoon drinks.Next, to elevate this look in one single moment team a formal statement top with the shorts for ultimate style.


The only way to enhance the look of shorts is by selecting a piece that is sure to turn heads and might be something that you normally wouldn’t wear during the day. This top that I am wearing is available from Sheike and features flared sleeves and a back gold zip. Previously I had worn this top with white pants so I decided to try teaming it with white shorts and the look was equally as stunning.

The best thing about wearing a monochrome combination is that all the work is done for you and the classic look keeps your outfit timeless and stylish.

The added advantage with this look is that you can wear it in both Summer and Winter, because of the flared sleeves on the top.When looking for tops to wear with this outfit, don’t stress if you don’t have exactly the same kind that I am wearing in the images.

Look in your wardrobe for any tops that are more formal than the every day types, and remember black is a great way of dressing up literally anything!! Other styles such as the cold-shoulder work, off-the-shoulder, strapless and cropped are also good alternatives.

To finish off your look, ensure to select a pair of heels that are eye-popping and high in height. Rose-gold is always a popular option especially as it keeps the outfit looking glam and adds an element of interest. (My favourite style of shoe for wearing with shorts is either stilettos or wedges).

If you are going to wear a top that features statement sleeves, then less is more when it comes to accessories. Aside from a couple of rings on each hand and some slimline bangles, I didn’t need to add anything else. Choose your favourite bag/clutch or purse to team with the look and pair your favourite shades and now your ready to go!


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