How to Wear Statement Sleeves

The latest trend that I’m currently crushing on and have been for the past two months is the arrival of the off-the-shoulder top featuring, attached flared sleeves. You may have noticed this trend pop up here and there, but the Summer 17/18 season is really having its moment. In this week’s blog post, I have put together a trans-seasonal, go-anywhere look that will be sure to turn heads and earn you some major style credit. (While it might be a touch early to start thinking about the in-between seasons.…as a fashion obsessed gal, I can’t help but look forward to the season ahead!) Below is a break-down of this look.


The classic off-the-shoulder style has just gotten a lot edgier this season, with the addition of attached statement sleeves. This particular top I am wearing is available from Bardot and features a back zip, which is how you get into the top. Before you start to try on different styles, just be aware that with most of these styles you will need to first put your arms through the sleeves then zip up the back, ( it may be a slight mission to get it on but once it’s on, you will love it!)

The top is made to fit very structured on the top half so it obviously won’t fall down (trust me, it will feel very secure once it is on) and then then falls to a relaxed loose fit. The fabric is a soft satin, which gives a very polished finish making it ideal to wear for both day and night occasions. The sleeves just sit effortlessly on and flow perfectly, the bonus is that you also don’t need to many accessories due to the detail of the sleeves.

This particular style of top is such a flattering choice looking great on everybody, and also does a lot of the work for you when styling an outfit around this piece. The statement sleeves provide an effortless feel to any outfit and conveys a strong sense of style. Through-out most of last year, I enjoyed wearing off-the-shoulder tops, however with the latest twist of the sleeves, it’s just go a bit more exciting.

Ok, so I will be perfectly honest here and say it’s certainly not the most comfortable of styles to wear, it can feel a bit restricted and perhaps hard to wear all day…however if you’re like me and always put fashion before comfort than nothing will stop you wearing this piece!

For the purpose of this trans-seasonal look, I opted to team a pair of wet-look black jeans with the top, for an up to the minute look. Normally during the hot days of Summer, I have actually worn this top with white shorts, and rose gold heels, (as seen on Instagram). There is again, just so much you can do with this piece that it really depends on your look of choice.

A regular denim black skinny jean will also work great. To ensure the look stays edgy, I decided to add a black studded pearl belt with the outfit for ultimate style.

Belts help to add a different dimension to most looks, and can make or break the appearance of an outfit, they are great to add interest and relevance to your look. (Belt available from Forevernew)


To finish off this trans-seasonal outfit, I opted to team a pair of black loafers with the outfit.

Loafers first made their mark last year with the addition of multiple styles all becoming popular and now they look like they are here to stay. (this pair is available from Tony Bianco).


As the Autumn season eventually approaches it will be more likely my go to shoe to wear. Team your favourite clutch or tote with this look, and opt for a minimal amount of jewellery, if any! With the dramatic look of the sleeves, less is definitely more when it comes to accessories.


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