Wardrobe MUST-HAVE: White Harem Pants

Edgier than most jeans and smarter than a jegging, the drop crotch harem pant is once again having an ‘it’ moment this season. This is one trend that I strongly advise jumping on board with, think of harem pants as more of a wardrobe investment rather than a one-season wonder.

At the end of last year, I decided against making any new year’s resolutions. Mostly because I just couldn’t think of any to put down on paper and perhaps I am just a touch doubtful about resolutions….however I did make the ‘fashion conscience’ resolution to start investing and only wearing items that could be classified as wardrobe staples, instead of Summer flings.

Too many times in this past party season,  I have bought pieces on a whim and just figure ‘I’ll work it into my wardrobe’, which rarely happens, and instead just go straight to my Ebay store for re-selling ( Most often still with tags on the clothes!) So in 2018 I vow to swap the unnecessary (fling) purchases in favour of the wardrobe staples.


While I own plenty of denim jeans, and black pants, I was in desperate need of a white pant that I could wear anywhere. Unlike my white wide leg pants, I wanted something that was just a touch more casual and that I could wear on weekends paired with sneakers or heels.


Having  previously owned a pair of chambray harem pants, I knew just how easy they are to work into the wardrobe and with an elastic waist, they exude comfort! (which is bonus points, especially when you want to wear them all day).The pair I am wearing are available from Decjuba and are a slim leg through the bottom and finished with an exaggerated drop crotch.

The sleek fitting slimline leg help to ensure that the cut of the pants stay polished. When it comes to teaming tops with your pants there are so many options, and if you don’t want to wear black other colours that work great with white are greys, champagne, pinks, stripes, and pastels.

For this look that I have put together, I decided to team my existing black cropped Kookai print tee with the pants plus draped a leather jacket over the shoulders for extra style.

I love draping a jacket over tops  as it adds such an element of style, and even though it may be just a bit warm to wear it, the jacket still acts as a great style staple.

Whenever I am recreating a ‘weekend’ looks/outfit, I always love to incorporate a print tee with the outfit. Print tees help to add a street chic vibe to your look, and always remain on-trend.


The best thing about the harem pant is that you can literally team any style of shoe you like with the pants, making your outfit as smart or as casual as you like.

The next time your shopping for a ‘wardrobe staple’ why not try investing in a pair of white harem pants, they will literally work with everything in your wardrobe.


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