Pleated Perfection

Welcome back to the first blog post of 2018, I’m so excited to start another year! For the first post of 2018 I wanted to focus on the pleated trend (one trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere!). Instead of restyling the pleated midi skirt, I wanted to explore the wide-leg pleated pants that seem to be everywhere. Easily the most comfortable pair of pants I own and ever so versatile, it’s time to start the new year off with a classic monochrome ensemble. Keep reading below for a break-down of this look and how to style the pants accordingly.



So my first confession of the year, I was lucky enough to purchase these pleated pants at half price from Bardot during the boxing day sales!! This particular pair of pleated pants are very light weight in fabric, thus making them an exclusive Summer wardrobe staple.

(Not exactly ideal for Winter, as they would not provide enough warmth), which also explains why they were on sale, as you know stores are ahead of the season and come February, be aware that you might start to see jackets hanging in the stores eeek.!

Pleated pants are a little more understated than a pleated midi skirt and after owning both I feel the pants offer more versatility, proving an instant style staple. Exuding an edgy yet effortless vibe, pleated pants are the cool girl’s version of skinny jeans. Pleated pants fit differently to most other pants, in that they are extremely comfortable, and move effortlessly with the body creating a polished finish. This particular pair offer an elastic waist band and wide-leg cut.



Whenever I dabble in new trends, I often play it safe when it comes to the colour palette. These pants also came in a champagne gold colour, which I must admit was very appealing, however I opted for the black because they black will always offer the most mileage and looks slimming on the body.

For a street luxe vibe, I opted to team a fresh white print tee with the pants for ultimate effortless style. The white print tee that I am wearing is available from DECJUBA, the labelling on the top is what made the tee original and different to my other print tees. I really don’t think you can ever own enough print tees…well I certainly don’t’.

A style tip to remember when wearing t-shirts is that most often they are either over-sized or loose fitting, so if you want more definition and a closer fit , try gathering/pulling the t-shirt in from the back, make a knot and tie it with a thin hair band then fold under the back of top. This way you can achieve a slightly more structured look if you don’t want to wear it over-sized.

Feel free to experiment with different styles of tops as many will easily compliment the pleated pants, for the purpose of this look I wanted a go-anywhere weekend outfit that was just a little bit different to my other outfits. However, I have a feeling these pants could very likely work great also for night occasions too, might have to try that look next!

To keep with the monochrome combination, I decided to keep my accessories minimal and opting for my classic Michael Kors chain bag for a touch of glam to the look. Accessories don’t need to play a huge part in this look, so in this case less is definitely more.


Finally team your shoe of choice with the outfit and your look is ready to go. Depending on the occasion you can either choose a pair of mules, which are very chic and stylish. Or try paring a white sneaker for instant street cred, it’s entirely up to you as to what look you want to achieve. Remember to have fun with the pleated pants as they will take you everywhere.


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