The Top 10 Must-Have Accessories that You will be Wearing in 2018

With 2017 coming to a close, it’s time to turn your attention to 2018 and the Must-Have accessories that will likely dominate our Instagram feeds. It might just be time to say goodbye to over-sized sunglasses and instead embrace minuscular styles (you will see what I mean below) not to mention, this coming year the sneaker trend is going insane and while we will still wear them, there is just a bit more of a twist. In this week’s accessory focused blog post, I have rounded up my favourite pieces, giving you plenty of options to think about. Elevate your Insta game in 2018 with these statement-making, eye-catching bold accessories

1. Micro Sunglasses

With celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid rocking these ultra cool shades, there is every chance we will be ditching our over-sized pairs for these chic shades….(only con is they won’t exactly be able to hide tired eyes eek!) These minuscular sized sunglasses appeared all over on the runways for Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton and Prada.

2. Hats for every season

Yep, you heard right its hat season all year round! It’s time to start wearing hats everywhere you go. At Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld made rain bonnets seem cool (pictured below) and Jacquemus super-sized hats made for the perfect beach accessory. Michael Kors reintroduced the bucket hat, making it ‘cool’ again to wear.

3. Low-Heeled Boots

Put your best foot forward in 2018 and embrace the low-heeled boot. Funkier, bolder and outrageous than ever, these ankle boots will surely inject some life into last season’s Winter wardrobe. It’s time to swap the boring black stiletto boots in favour of something truly statement making, with fashion houses such as Chloe, Dries Van Noten and Givenchy all embracing the trend.

4. Patterned Bags

It’s time to experiment and go a bit wild for a patterned bag, if your outfit is looking just a little too boring than quickly reach for one of these conversation starters to help elevate your look. You can even go as far as to match your bag with your outfit (as seen above) if your game enough! Ticking off all the boxes including colourful, textured and bold it’s time to discard the boring bland neutral purse.

5. Classic Pump

In 2018, it so far looks like were encouraged to embrace bold, wild and colourful accessories, however we are still being advised by Tom Ford and Gucci, not to totally abandon the classic shoe, and play it safe with a pair of classic pumps. (which quite frankly is fine by me!) The classic pump never really seems to date, it just keeps reappearing in our wardrobes season after season. Not exactly a ground breaking trend, however if you want to add a twist, take a cue from Gucci (below) and team a pair of socks with your pumps!

6. Gloves

Fashion is having a love affair with Opera-length gloves. Now it might make texting a bit hard and your selfie game might drop seeing how it would be pretty hard to hold a phone with the gloves, still that’s no reason to dismiss this trend, simply take a cue from Olivier Theyskens’s models and hold the empty glove elegantly in your other hand.

 7. Super-Sneaker

Remember when minimalist white sneakers were first introduced, very chic, very effortless and worn with just about anything! (including dresses, skirts and jeans) Well now the era of the ‘white sneaker’ is slowly fading and on the Spring runways, sneakers got some truly wild updates: Loewe’s came with curled toes, Junya Watanabe’s were studded with spikes, Vivienne Westwood’s were covered in crocheted flowers, and Public School made a pair of Jordans that inched to models’ knees.

8. Ear Bling


After seasons of sculptural, arty earrings dominating the runways, the pendulum is swinging back in favor of glitzy, shiny chandeliers. At Anthony Vaccarello’s Saint Laurent, it was go bling or go home. Have some fun accessorizing your ears and choose bold pieces that will make a statement. If too much bling isn’t your thing, take a cue from the pic below and try some rose-gold metallic earrings instead.

9. Transparent Shoes and Bags

In the age of over-sharing, never has the ‘transparent trend’ been so appropriate! Literally designers such as Helmut Lange, Valentino, Ceiline and Maison Margiela all sent transparent pieces down the runway including transparent briefcases, clear purses and plastic shopping bags. Transparency doesn’t end here- Chanel and Balmain are making the clear boot a true fashion essential

10. Neo Brooches

From strass details on a tartan Miu Miu jacket to a witch-inspired mirror brooch on a Céline suit, brooches have worked their magic on Spring/Summer 2018 runways. Not to forget Louis Vuitton, who created the perfect accessory balance with this metal brooch clasp.




    • Haha ooh I know, those shoes are just a little to impractical to wear walking down the street! I love looking at trends for the coming year, even though they aren’t entirely practical to wear, I still find inspiration in small ways XOXO

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m not a fan of all of these trends, but there are definitely a few that I can get on board with!
    I’m already loving and rocking hats all year round, low heeled boots and gloves! Xx

    Kez |


    • Haha, ooh I know what you mean. When I was putting the trends together I was shaking my head at some thinking are we really going to be wearing these..?lol I never say never with fashion but totally share your love for hats, I would love to buy one of the huge over-sized ones, it’s definitely on my Wish List. XOXO


  2. I like the earrings and the patterned bags.
    I’m not fan of transparent shoes and bags. May be transparent element would be better, but not the entire bag for example. In my opinion this transparent material could have negative effect on your legs.


    • Totally agree about the patterned bags! They are so good for helping add interest to a more simple outfit, or even if your wearing all black. Haha I love looking at the transparent trends….but as for wearing them, probably not! Not exactly practical and yeah wouldn’t feel that good on the skin either, especially if the weather is warm yikes! XOXO


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