Pastel for the Party Season

Tis the season of glamorous parties, festive functions and endless social gatherings, it’s almost essential to have an outfit ready. Elevate your party wardrobe this season and opt for pastels to take you right through from day to night.This week’s look is one of my favourite for striking the balance between dressy, practical and not to mention versatile. Almost an ‘unofficial uniform’ if you like to wear throughout the party season, this pastel inspired look will have you covered for every occasion.

In the moments that you find yourself stuck, asking ‘is this outfit too dressy or not dressy enough’?, then try this look for something that will work wardrobe miracles. The party season can be a challenge in itself to dress for, with festive lunches, to afternoon drinks and gourmet dinners, the call for outfits has never been so prevalent as it is in this season.

That’s why this year I decided to put together an outfit that could possibly give me the most mileage and share it with you here on the blog. Now I could have easily worn a sparkly dress and labelled it ‘party’ which is fine, but the problem with wearing sequin’s or sparkles is that they become extremely limited to night occasions only and don’t offer much versatility.

The base piece to this look is the white wide-leg pants and as some of you may have seen in previous post, I have actually worn these exact pants for a Winter look. The trick to gaining more mileage out of a pair of wide-leg  pants is to re-establish the purpose of the pant by teaming a variety of styles of tops.

A pair of high-waisted wide leg pants should look elegant, flowy and classy and with the tie at the waist, adds even more style. Stores such as Witchery, kookai, Country Road, all stock a great range, (the ones I am wearing are from Bardot). The added advantage to the pants is that the cut of the wide-leg will elongate the leg, skimming the body which will ultimately make you look taller (without having to wear sky-high heels!).

Now if you don’t own a white wide-leg pants then my biggest advice is to go and purchase a new pair as there are plenty of styles around (and can literally be worn all year round!) The biggest misconception people assume with white pants is that…’what will they go with’ but you will be surprised just how many items compliment them, especially with Summer they truly become a wardrobe staple.

Take your pants to the next level and give them a festive touch by teaming halter neck top with them. The particular style of the halter neck, screams ‘party’, yet teamed with a pair of wide-leg pants looks classy and polished.

The fabric of the top has a very subtle simmer to it which adds a touch of interest and not to mention sits perfectly on the body. The classy look of the pants will help to balance out the party top and together make for the ideal outfit for just about any occasion.

I opted for the salmon colour in the top (top from Bardot) as It worked so well against the white that helps to keep it summer and festive. Aside from having the purpose of a party to go to, almost any summer occasion the outfit will work. It’s both fun and effortless at the same time,

If you have even other styles of tops that you like feel free to wear them, just be sure to keep the outfit ‘light’ (avoid black). As I mentioned earlier the versatility is endless so even a gold slip top would look great with the pants.

Accessories will help to add a touch of edge to the look so try adding statement cuffs and a studded clutch (from Country Road) for some interest. Try adding splashes of rose-gold and silver for a sparkly touch.

When determining the type of shoes to wear, style accordingly to the purpose of the occasion. Keep in mind, that with the wide-leg pants they do cover a lot of the shoe, however a touch of colour always shows through nicely. To complete my festive look I teamed a pair sky-high rose gold heels with the outfit. Just as with any party outfit, experiment with changing accessories for different looks. Plus if you have a night occasion, then even try introducing a sequinned top which will look great against the white and still be balanced. Be creative as you like, making your rules in the process.



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