Street Luxe

Striking a balance between ‘just’ casual and ‘street’ inspired casual can be quite a challenge when piecing the perfect outfit together. Throw a pair of sneakers in the mix and it can become quite tricky to achieve. In this week’s post, I wanted to recreate a ‘street style’ inspired outfit with a touch of ‘luxe’ with one key investment piece and a wardrobe staple.

As most of you would know from previous outfits that I wear, I tend to always be on the ‘over-dressed’ side of things and more often than not favour heels over flats. However, lately I have been inspired by the onslaught of street inspired outfits flooding Instagram that I wanted to create an outfit that was still classic, effortless and could take me anywhere.

With the addition of one very inexpensive investment piece (the denim skirt), I coordinated the rest of the look using the existing pieces in my wardrobe. Below I have provided a breakdown of the outfit so you too can achieve this look. When creating a street luxe look, turn to a minimalist colour palette to help set the tone for the outfit. Start by working an on-trend piece such as a denim skirt into your wardrobe.

Denim skirts are fast appearing in all the stores and as the trend is back in full force, I chose to invest in this light chambray denim skirt from Dotti. Easily one of the more affordable ‘investment pieces’ and can which be worn right through Summer.

One of the most stylish ways to wear a denim skirt is to team a loose, relaxed fitting top with the skirt, which will provide balance to the outfit and compliment the tight fit of the skirt. The best way to achieve ‘street style’ is ensuring there is an ‘effortless’ element to your look.  When deciding on various tops to team with the skirt, I opted for this Country Road off the shoulder classic white shirt.

The effortless style of the white shirt was the perfect companion to the skirt as it set the tone for the outfit. Opt for other looser styles such as off-the-shoulder, cold shoulder and print tees which are just a few options that you could introduce.


If you find yourself stuck or in need of inspiration when styling the denim skirt, just try a quick google search of ‘street looks’ for some inspiration and you will get plenty of ideas. Next, team a pair of white sneakers with your look to nail the street style.

The sneakers that I am wearing are from Michael Kors, but any type will work well with the look. Sneakers help to keep the look casual, but a white pair will look luxe. Finish off your look with a tan cross body bag for ultimate style. The bag that I have is from Forevernew. Feel free to add any other accessories you like and choose your favourite pair of sunglasses to add to the outfit.

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