Off-Duty Street Style

Channel your inner off-duty model with this edgy, street inspired outfit. The combination of the high-end luxe leather jacket meets down town denim, makes for the perfect partnership. In this week’s blog post I’ll show you how to recreate this signature off-duty look in a matter of minutes. With just three key wardrobe staples, a pair of denim shorts, leather jacket and white print tee, you’re ready to go.

Firstly, start by narrowing down the type of shorts that you team with this look. I instantly opted for a high-waisted light chambray denim short (available from Dotti) which works great with most minimal colour tones. With this particular look, there are a lot of variations you can opt for when it comes to shorts, however to nail the off-duty look I would advise opting for either a light or dark-wash denim, as it sets the tone for the outfit. If you don’t already own a pair of denim shorts then try stores such as Dotti, Seed or Witchery which all offer a great range.

Next, it’s all about the jacket! The leather jacket is the focal point of the look and regardless if the weather is hot or cold, you can always wear the jacket teamed over the shoulders. For this particular style of outfit, a cropped leather jacket is going to work best as it will keep the look balanced.

The cropped jacket is also very versatile as it makes it easier to wear the outfit throughout the different seasons. The jacket that I am wearing is available from Kookai, however if you don’t own a leather jacket then look at the faux leather options, as they are great substitutes and most reasonably affordable. The leather jacket essentially adds extra edge to the outfit and gives the otherwise ordinary combination of denim shorts and t-shirt a luxe feel, turning it instantly into a signature look.

When it comes to pairing the perfect print tee with your look, be aware that this white tee has to bring the shorts and jacket together, thus making it a hard task to play. The denim shorts are essentially a ‘summer’ item and the leather jacket is a ‘winter’ item so the top has to set the tone to ensure the look doesn’t get confusing.


The easiest way to achieve harmony is to go straight to your printed t-shirts. Forget any other styles of tops as the goal of the look is to create that off-duty element. The print tee that I am wearing is from the brand Sincerely Jules and is also the inspiration behind the name for my blog. Fun fact!

A classic black print tee would be my other go to option, however in this instance I like the white because it keeps the look light and fresh and brings together the chambray blue and black leather very well.


The relaxed feel of a print tee is perfect with this look and quite often than not, print tees always work best teamed underneath other pieces. Brands such as Asos & Shopbop do a great range of print tees and are easily affordable. If you have an existing tee that you love, it can be a great way to make it fresh again no matter the slogan.



To nail the entire look, team a pair of black open-toed shoes or boots with your look for super edge and style. The key to off-duty is first and foremost the ability to look effortless from head to toe, almost like you walked out of the house dressed in your outfit. The black open-toed boots will also compliment the leather jacket nicely which gives lots of edge and keeps the look serious. Complete the outfit by teaming your favourite bag and sunglasses and you’re ready for an Insta-Selfie!


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