Modern Simplicity

In the fast paced, ever-changing world of fashion, it can be all too easy to lose yourself in one-season trends that have you asking yourself ‘How did I end up with so many bomber jackets and midi skirts’? Not that there is anything wrong with embracing these trends, but there comes a time when you want to go back to the basics and even feel a sense of security wearing the wardrobe classics.

We all have these moments and one of the easiest ways to achieve modern simplicity is to recreate a timeless look with the Little Black Dress. Effortless, chic and modern, an elegant all black outfit can often be a sure way to stand out in the busy, colourful, confusing fashion addicted crowd. In this week’s blog post, I’ve created an entire outfit that is simply modern and effortless with three key pieces. Modern simplicity is all about looking effortless, it’s not fussy, it doesn’t include a pair of sneakers and it can be worn all season round.

Start by either selecting your favourite LBD in your wardrobe or if you are looking to invest in a new style, then my most coveted choice would be the off-the-shoulder design.  Making it’s mark on the runways last season, the off-the-shoulder isn’t going anywhere and is perhaps one of the most versatile styles of the LBD. I have worn this dress both on it’s own, teamed with a pair of summer sandals and have also taken it  right through the winter months with tights and boots.

The most important element to pulling of a minimal look is to be truly comfortable in your outfit, which often shows. From the fabric, to the straps and details on the dress, it  needs to create fluidity and move with the body, which then keeps the overall look effortless. Steer clear of tight and clingy fabrics as they can quickly confuse the purpose of  the look and are often better suited to just night occasions.

Depending on the current season and temperatures, style your LBD accordingly. For the purpose of this look, I decided to opt to team a pair of tights and ankle boots with the dress. For those of you who live locally, you will know that the current spring weather is feeling more like winter and with a cold chill still in the air, I wanted a look that I could wear comfortably now without completely freezing!

While tights can look very ‘winter’ and even at the best of times look a touch dark, they will still give a very polished finish to your outfit. They are also ideal for wearing right now to see out the remaining months before summer arrives. Team a cream coat over the dress if need be. The key to keeping your outfit modern is to team striking, signature pieces with your outfit for a classic look.

When wearing full length tights, the option in the style of shoes does become limited but I always love a suede ankle boot to help finish off the look. Ankle boots are easily worn right through to the end of the winter months and even can work well teamed with shorts. Not as formal as  full length boots, a pair of ankle boots can very easily compliment any style of dress. Introduce a statement bag to your look, one that will not only hold its own but that ideally isn’t  black.

Minimal tones and shades help to balance the black and add a touch of colour to the outfit. This Kookai cream tote is my go everywhere bag and is effortless, plus the carry style is chic and petite which doesn’t interfere with the details of the dress.

No matter the season, modern simplicity can quite easily be achieved and with a few clever styling tricks can add another dimension to your wardrobe. Sometimes it’s okay to remain loyal to the wardrobe classic. The next time you’re stuck on what to wear why not try combining a few of your favourite black pieces for a go anywhere look.


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