The Philosophy of Uniform Dressing: 3 Easy Steps to achieving Uniform Status

Timeless style might feel like a concept of the past, with today’s fast paced accessible fashion dominating the market, the uniform dressing so to speak is nowhere to be seen. While it’s great to be able to define your own unique personal style, it’s also beneficial to have  at least one uniform outfit in the wardrobe. For those of you who perhaps have adopted a signature ensemble, the uniform isn’t necessarily anti-fashion but rather an effortlessly stylish wardrobe staple. With three main key pieces you too can achieve ‘uniform status’ and recreate a look for both day and night.

The White Wrap Shirt:

Flowy fabric, flared sleeves, and a cross-over neckline, the perfect starting piece to recreating this uniform look. Uniform dressing is all about achieving perfection with strong basic separates that tell a story all of their own. Start by looking at various styles of shirts to invest in ( if you don’t already own one). Traditionally button up shirts can look great with a black skirt and boots, however for a slightly more up-to- the minute style, then a wrap shirt with flared sleeves is a great alternative. (The shirt that I am wearing is available from Kookai)

The Basic Black Skirt

Shorter in length, appropriate for all seasons, and a true comfort to wear all day, the basic black skirt is hiding somewhere in everybody’s wardrobe! When piecing together a uniform look such as this one, the black skirt is second to none the most important piece to the outfit. Take a look through your wardrobe and see if you can find a black skirt that will make the perfect companion to a white shirt.

If you are in need of a new skirt then look for styles that feature intricate detail, whether it be in the cut, fabric, length or style, add an element of interest to your look. The skirt I am wearing features a lace pattern of flowers which are featured all over the skirt, it may be a little difficult to see in the images but the subtle detail of the flowers help to add another dimension to this uniform look. A final note on length, shorter styles will suit this look more, ( especially with the long boots) however to avoid looking ‘trashy’ seek A-Line styles which would be perfect for this look.

The Black Over-The-Knee-Boots

The final and most striking element to this uniform outfit, is the introduction of the over-the-knee boots. Ever so long in length, high-stiletto heel and black leather, the long boots push the boundaries with this uniform look, yet compliment the simplicity of the other two key pieces perfectly. While the thought of wearing leather over-the-knee boots during the day can be daunting, with clever styling it’s easier to pull off than most might think. If you don’t own a pair of long boots, then substitute for boots shorter in length, as it will still work perfectly with the outfit. Uniform dressing is about portraying an image of timeless style, so small details or variation won’t impact the oufit too much.

Finish off your look with minimal accessories and try adding a clutch chain bag for extra style. Be sure not to go overboard with the accessories, as the simplicity of uniform is often enough. With these three key wardrobe pieces, creating a uniform outfit can be easier than you realise.

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