Denim From Day to Night: 5 easy steps to take your denim jeans from day to night

In this week’s post, I’m recreating a day to night look with a pair of boyfriend jeans. Generally, the rule with wearing light-denim jeans is that they are for ‘day’ wear only, however with a few creative styling tips, I’ll show you how to take your light jeans from the coffee shop to the restaurants & bars. I’ve broken this week’s blog post down into five easy steps for you to follow to achieve this look.

  1. Firstly, determine the particular style of jeans that you want to wear. Whether your wardrobe already consists of light denim jeans, or your looking to invest in a pair set your mind to the pair that you would like to wear most, for both day and night. If you are looking to invest in jeans, then stores such as Forevernew, Sportsgirl and Live all offer a great range of styles. For an alternative if you don’t own a light pair of denim but have white jeans, then this will also work. My biggest advice with this look is to avoid black denim…..and yes as tempting as it can be to revert to the safe option, it’s time to step out of the comfort zone.

2. Next, decide on the colour of top that you are going to be teaming with your jeans. Instantly my first choice was to go for something in black, as the combination of light-denim and black has a wow factor, giving your look an over-dose of edge. Then decide on the style and cut of top to wear with your jeans, this strapless top I am wearing is available from Witchery. Black on black becomes quite formal, so again avoiding wearing black denim jeans, however when I team this top with a light-wash jean it changes the entire look. Other styles such as off-the-shoulder work very well and offer instant style to your outfit. An alternative to this look is to wear a pair of high-waisted jeans and team them with a cropped top for something entirely different.

3. HEELS, HEELS,HEELS! In order to successfully execute this look for both the day and night, its crucial to add a pair of heels. Flats with only work if you to keep the outfit for day, otherwise heels are the first option. Depending on the weather, a closed in patent pump would look great with this outfit, especially in the winter weather. For Spring/Summer option a pair of sky-high stilettoes are a great option in a bright colour. As we are still in the Winter season, I chose a taupe pair of open-toed ankle boots to team with the outfit.

4. Accessories is the next area to focus on with this outfit. Don’t be afraid to introduce bold pieces with your outfit, as they will often help bring everything together. Due to the casual vibe of the look, you can really choose pieces that are eye-catching, such as some beaded cuffs or chunky rose-gold necklaces. Just as your jewellery plays a big part, so does your bag, try first opting for a statement clutch instead of a bag. By wearing a clutch is already gives the look of a dressed up feel/going out touch to the outfit, and adds an extra touch of glam.

5. Take your look one-step further and inject some extra mileage into the outfit, team a black leather jacket over the shoulders for both warmth and a chic finish. By introducing the jacket, it brings everything together and also makes it more accessible for night. A faux fur coat is also a good alternative if you don’t own a leather jacket. Now your five easy steps away from creating a new look, starting with the wardrobe basic of jeans.


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