Logo Love: Salute to the 90’s

It’s the 90’s trend that has come back to shake up the fashion world in the most retro of ways, I’m talking about designer logo tees. Even if you were too young to wear them the first time round in the 90’s, chances are you are familiar with the original CK logo (Calvin Klein) tees, not to mention the Tommy Hilfiger tees with the American flag and maybe even a Versace logo tee.

This season logo tees are back in fashion and are rapidly being embraced by the likes of celebrities such as Bella Hadid in Tommy Hilfiger & Kendall Jenner in Dior. After a long time of the fashion industry preferring to name check itself in the form of aesthetics, signature cuts and embellishments, the industry has finally come around to once again embracing the designer logo tee. (Fashion is always doomed to repeat itself).

The revival of the logo trend started with the Resort 2017 collections with brands like Gucci, MSGM and Chanel sending logo printed clothing down the runway, (making it clear that there’s nothing wrong with openly declaring just who you’re wearing) Even sporting brands such as Nike and Adidas are jumping on board with the logo trend and reverting back to their original logos that made them famous, such as Nike with the Swoosh tick and the Adidas Trefoil logo.

At the beginning of this 90’s trend, it was a different time in how we shopped, so if you did make the decision to drop $120 or more on a logo tee you damn well made sure you wanted everyone within viewing distance to know what brand you were wearing. 

On the opposite end of the scale, the current Gucci branded tee sells for $570 on luxury retailer site,  Net-a- Porter. However, with this heavily inspired retro CK, (Calvin Klein) tee I’m wearing, it will set you back a very humble $39.95 available from The Iconic.In honor of the logo trend, this week I kept my outfit minimal, opting for a signature colour combination of black and white. (let’s face it when representing one of the biggest 90’s trends it’s ok to play it safe!).

If you are feeling adventurous and want to give your look a ‘blogger touch’ then try teaming a cami over your tee for subtle style. I opted to team a pair of black skinny leg jeans to wear with my top. To keep your look Winter appropriate pair a leather jacket draped over the shoulders and introduce an ankle boot for urban luxe street style.

Finish your look off with some accessories, choose statement cuffs, watches and bracelets for the arms. Introduce a messenger bag in a neutral tone for an understated style .The final choice is to not leave home without your favourite pair of shades, mirrored aviators are great and so is the cat eye…just be careful the next time you meet with friends that you’re not all wearing the same top!!.


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