5 Different Moods

In case you’re in need of a major digital detox or you have more time on your hands than usual and are not sure how to fill it, I’ve compiled a list of five mood-based activities to try when the social media blues hit and the iPhone notifications come to a silent halt. There is nothing more unproductive than feeding the digital addiction that is in your hand, your phone, waiting for the next message or perhaps vigorously swiping LEFT with continuous disappointment (….you can guess which app I’m talking about). So why not try either all or one of these activities to help you unplug from the digital world and re-energise your creative juices.

Mood 1: Reflective

Setting goals is perhaps one of the most clichéd yet effective ways to help boost your motivation and re-shape your focus. The goals we might have made at the start of 2017 may not necessarily be applicable anymore, which is why it’s so important to go over your past goals and include some fresh new ones. Putting pen to paper is a therapeutic exercise that is rarely carried out anymore, rather, paper is swapped for electronic documents and pens for a stylus. Try adding some ‘mini’ goals to your list, dedicate an entire section in your journal to the weekly goals that you want to achieve.

Mood 2: inspirational

As part of my weekly routine, I like to set aside time on a Sunday to visit the array of beautiful florists located on Beaufort Street. Armed with more choice than I can contemplate, I slowly browse through all the beautiful bunches, opting for different colours and types each week. A vibrant bunch of flowers will not only brighten up the darkest of corners in your home, but can also be a touch of inspiration. Aside from decorative purposes, having visually attractive blooms to gaze at helps to relax those fast paced thoughts. Spend 30 minutes visiting your nearest florist and ask about the different types of flowers, educate yourself and become an expert!

Mood 3: Active

Playing sport, going for a run or working out is so beneficial to both the mind and body, that it makes me question why ‘being active’ is not part of my weekly routine! Try going down to your local park or head to the South Perth foreshore or Kings Park for a game of sport. Kick a soccer ball with a friend, match up in a round of tennis with your bestie or shoot some hoops and develop your jump shot. Aim to spend at least 30-60 minutes actively playing your sport of choice. One of my preferred spots is the South Perth foreshore, as there is plenty of park area to utilise. Another positive when heading to such large park areas is that you can have all the privacy you want, so there is no need to worry about uninvited audiences…especially when you may require extra time to brush up on your skills!

Mood 4: Creative

When you find yourself in a creative mood, instead of turning on the computer to whip up a WordPress masterpiece, try turning your attention to cooking and start getting creative in the kitchen. Regardless of your skill level or experience, there are literally tons of recipes on the internet for just about every level from beginner to advanced. The many benefits of cooking are that it’s both mentally and physically encompassing. It might also be noted that with so many recipes freely available online, there are some excellent and economical ideas for the kitchen without having to buy a huge amount of ingredients. Step back from the online world and get creative! (If you love your end masterpiece so much…why not snap, filter and post to Instagram, in an effort to inspire your followers to get creative in the kitchen)

Mood 5: cheerful

Feast your eyes on the creative adult humour that is presented in the form of famed children’s series, The Peanuts Gang. Charlie Brown and his wise beyond years circle of friends provide some of the best antidotes, comparisons, and metaphors for life. All written from a child’s perspective. Truly eye-opening and mentally stimulating, reading one of these books from the series will not only make you laugh, it will completely engross you to the point that you realise you could be reading your own life situation.

Featuring the feisty self-appointed neighbourhood psychiatrist Lucy Van Pelt, her blanket loving/hugging brother Linus and the underdog Charlie Brown, these kids give you their spin and take on life that doesn’t necessarily fall far from today’s world.  Filled with humorous quotes, endless life advice and witty content, The Peanuts Gang will certainly make you laugh out loud! Get comfortable, make yourself a Chai latte or favourite hot drink, put your feet up and indulge in some humorous reading.


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