The Little Black Dress: Winter Style

One dress, four seasons, 12 months in a year……..I’m talking about the LBD!

 The LBD is once again having its moment as there is nothing quite like an all-black head-to-toe look to set the tone of your wardrobe for the cooler months ahead. In this week’s post I thought I would road test this new LBD (from TigerMist) and show you how to style it for the winter weather. Whilst they say the LBD’s claim to fame is that you can wear it all year round, I thought now would be the perfect time to invest in a new LBD and prove the theory right.

To replicate this look, start by investing in an LBD that is thicker in fabric which will accommodate the cooler weather. The distinct difference between a winter and summer LBD is firstly fabric and then style.  Strappy, clingy styles are great for summer but replace them with more structured and fitted styles for winter.

I opted for this chic, fit & flare dress available from Tiger Mist, due to the versatility and unique individual style of the garment. More often than not, I tend to shy away from styles that are either too feminine or playful. However, this particular dress put my fears to rest, proving wrong any preconceptions I had about wearing such a different style.The exaggerated hem detail of the flared skirt is what immediately made me think it would be ideal for the cooler weather.

In winter we tend to be a bit more creative and play with different styles of clothes, due to always being covered up. I must admit the flare of the skirt on this dress is heavily structured to sit to perfection, keeping the flares under control and falling seemingly on the body, making for a very chic polished finish, yet fun and flirty at the same time.

Next, to take your LBD into winter, opt for a leather jacket to team with your look and provide a hint of edge. Wear it as a jacket or just drape it over your shoulders. My choice for opting for leather is that it tones down the look, making it more accessible to wear during the day and then into the evening. Leather is forever chic, a wardrobe staple that never fades out of style and yet rather reinvents itself each season. This particular style of jacket is cropped and as any fashionistas may or may not admit, I do own a couple of different styles of leather jackets. Hence the cropped style compliments a range of different looks, making it the perfect companion to the LBD. (A fuller/longer style of leather jacket works better worn over print tees and distressed denim jeans)

Complete your outfit with the shoe or boot of-the-moment which is the open-toed style. The style of shoe that I am wearing brings everything together, complementing the black pieces and setting the tone for the look. If you like, you can always team an over-the-knee suede boot with this look or even add tights for when it gets really cold.  Team a studded clutch for a touch of edge and glam to your outfit.

The staple of a great LBD is that you can always wear it both day and night, hence the purpose of this particular look was to showcase just how appropriate it is for both. Next time you’re looking to add a new item to your winter wardrobe, try the winter LBD.


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