Beachside Brunch Spots: Perth’s Best Coastal Cafes

TGIF – The moment you realise another working week is finished!  Which means it’s time to switch the alarm clock from 6.00am (wake-up) to 10.00am(sleep-in)…..just in time for brunch! Once the weekend arrives, it’s high time to substitute your regular inner city urban cafes for the gorgeous coastal beachside spots. The warm rays of sunshine accompanied by idealistic ocean views, fresh salt air and the buzzing vibe of cafes is why heading coastal on the weekends is a ritual must for locals. Below, I have compiled a list of my go-to beachside cafes & eateries.

Odyssea Beach Cafe, (187 Challenger Parade, City Beach WA 6015) Breakfast: 7.00am-11.00am, Monday to Sunday

Long overdue and highly in-demand, this extremely popular beachside café has transformed the experience and changed the perception of what beachside dining is. Odyssea is chic & creative in design, boasts a minimal, stylish feel and offers some of the most breathtaking ocean views that Perth has to offer.

Odyssea is open seven days a week, for breakfast, lunch and dinner and caters for both bookings and walk-ins. With a large indoor dining as well as an outdoor balcony and alfresco area, you really are spoilt for choice in terms of seating. I usually like to opt for the balcony on a sunny day and enjoy the views. Oh and I might add, don’t worry if you do sit outside and find the breeze a bit chilly as Odyssea provide large thick blankets to keep warm! (How thoughtful!)

Photo courtesy of The Urban list

The modern Australian menu offers sophisticated beachside dishes. The Breakfast menu is large in variety, with hot and cold dishes available. For the health conscious who prefer a lighter breakfast then I would highly recommend trying the Gluten free granola, rhubarb yoghurt parfait, poached pear. Or if you’re like me and a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to breakfast (someone who needs their eggs), then I suggest the Cured Salmon with beetroot, fennel, pickled cucumber, goats curd, soft boiled egg on sourdough toast. I always advise to order an array of different dishes to share with your bestie when you’re at brunch…as that way you get to try everything!

Bib & Tucker, (18 Leighton Beach Blvd, North Fremantle WA 6159) Breakfast: 8.00am-11.00am, Tuesday-Sunday

An unassuming location and perhaps one of the most coveted brunch spots in North Fremantle, Bib & Tucker offer a breakfast menu quite like no other. Situated right on Leighton Beach next to the Fremantle Surf Club, stands a large restaurant offering ocean views. The coastal air and inviting atmosphere of Bib & Tucker is the reason locals regularly flock to this beachside venue. With an individual identity, an innate charm and a warm ambiance, Bib & Tucker is still one of the most favoured spots on the coastline. Regardless if you reside  either north or south of the river, this is one café that should be a must-visit on any food enthusiasts list.

With an extensive breakfast menu, you best order a few dishes and share them amongst your friends or group. The Buttermilk Banana Pancakes, with salted caramel and pecan is a standout dish for those to try, who adore a sweet breakfast. If savoury is more your thing, then the smoked Salmon Tartare, with poached eggs, fresh spinach, avocado crème will surely satisfy your cravings. A great accompaniment to the sweet and savoury dishes is the Seasonal Fruit Platter with toasted granola and yogurt, a refreshing delight after a big meal.

Photo Courtesy of official Bib & Tucker Instagram

So, the next weekend you have free, make sure to grab the girls together and make a brunch date. Take a coastal drive South, towards Fremantle and enjoy a truly unique and memorable brunch experience.

Voyage Kitchen, (128 W Coast Drive, Sorrento WA 6020) Breakfast: 6.30am-12.00pm Monday-Sunday   

                                                                Photo courtesy of The Urban List

Situated on the corner of West Coast Highway and within walking distance from the Hillary’s Boat Harbour, this iconic beach café has long established itself as one of the prime/favoured breakfast/brunch spots on the coast. Edgier in design than the usual beach café, combined with a warm inviting minimalist interior, Voyage Kitchen makes for the perfect dining experience.

Photo courtesy of smooth

A stylish weekend crowd regularly flock to this popular spot, in search of their next caffeine fix accompanied by an Insta-worthy dish. The menu boasts a large variety of choice, so it pays to share a few dishes amongst friends. When you feast your eyes on the delicious menu you will straightaway notice a standout dish which is the Breakfast Board, which consists of coconut and cranberry granola, pea, kale and ricotta croquette, Romesco sauce smoked salmon, egg salad and roasted truss tomato tartine. Another must-try dish is the Buttermilk Pancakes, with apple, rhubarb and sour cherry compote, vanilla mascarpone and maple syrup….I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Photo courtesy of,au

The relaxed atmosphere and charming culture is what makes Voyage so appealing. With a large indoor and outdoor dining area, it lends itself to relaxing and people watching, which given the weekend will usually consist of the fitness enthusiasts taking a morning run (I did tell you the view isn’t all that bad!). And when you’re finished eating, just cross over the road to the pedestrian path and take off for a leisurely beachside walk.

Be sure to leave a comment if you have a favourite beachside coastal spot, worth a mention!

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