Shopping with Eshakti

In this week’s blog post, I recently discovered an American online clothing store called Eshakti, which has an innovative concept and distinctive approach to design and customising, and one I wanted to share my online shopping experience with.  All too often, when shopping for the perfect dress, sometimes you can’t help but wish you can change one or more small details, well Eshakti lets you do exactly that, customising and designing pieces exactly to your preference!

Online clothing Eshakti, has recently started branching out by offering shipping to Australia, plus many other countries. The joy in shopping online with Eshakti is in the process of selecting your item/s of clothing and then customising to your exact liking and sizing. From the moment I entered the website, I found it user friendly and visually intriguing. With an array of options of clothing including tops, skirts, pants and dresses, you can literally customise any piece of clothing that you like.

I decided to opt for this shift dress that I am wearing in the images, because I love the style and combination of black and cream which is always so versatile and effortless. Upon selecting the dress, you are given the option of either choosing a standard clothing size or customising (sizes range from 0-36). As I chose to customise my garment, I was then required to submit my body and height measurements. With a step-by-step guide displayed on the website, you don’t feel overwhelmed when entering your measurements.

There is even available a pop-up-box next to each area to measure, which helps you get the measurements of the body part correct. The individual changes/customisations that I made with this dress was choosing to opt for the shortest length of the three that were available. I prefer to have my shift dresses shorter in length as they complement my height and look more polished. As the dress was also sleeveless, I didn’t need to make any extra adjustments but you can change and optimise so many options with different pieces that it does really feel like a luxury.

Within three easy steps, I was done! I can’t tell you how exciting it was waiting for my piece to arrive which took approximately  2.5 weeks. The dress was exactly as I had imagined and the moment that I tried it on everything fit perfectly! I particularly loved the length and felt it was perfect for my height.

The structured fit of the dress combined with the detail of the bow on the neckline was perfect. I styled the dress with a pair of black ankle sandals and added a cross body chain bag for extra interest. Finally, I completed the look by introducing some arm candy and because the dress really speaks for itself, the accessories you choose can be extra bold.

Having been so impressed with my experience, I would definitely recommend shopping on this site and taking the extra time to really customise your own design, which almost feels as if you are physically shopping in a store. Just browse the huge range on offer and get creative with your choices!

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