Coffee at Crib Lane

Tucked between His Majesty’s Theatre and Cloisters Square, stands Crib Lane, an urban inner city coffee shop serving some of Perth’s finest coffee.

Surrounded by retro posters, along with festival flyers, stands a black and white portrait of legendary icon James Dean.  With such a visually captivating interior one could be mistaken for feeling like they have walked into a hip coffee lounge somewhere in Brooklyn, New York.

Smooth beats and tunes ring in the background, encompassing an individual charm that perhaps other cafes can’t quite capture, making it a staple spot to visit in the Perth CBD.

A mixed crowd of city workers regularly flock to Crib Lane for their caffeine fix along with a bite to eat and conversation exchanges, all whilst taking in the scenery. The ‘creatives’ can be heard discussing the latest trends, bouncing ideas off one another, while the suits, alone, work from their laptops taking in the artistic interior.


A trait of a great cafe is the universal appeal it boasts, attracting a dynamic/wide variety in clientele generating an exciting atmosphere.

The conveniently located coffee counter is located right at the entrance, walk up, place your order, take a seat on the wooden benches and watch the world go by. If dining in, then walk down the narrow hallway and expect to be greeted by an array of tables, lounge chairs and a long bench facing an artistic mural.

With the offerings of a small café menu, there are plenty of options to satisfy your taste buds. From fresh rolls and sandwiches, to muffins, pastries and other delicacies, each accompanies your coffee perfectly. New to the menu and not to mention perfect for the Summer season, is the cold drip coffee (pictured in cover photo).

The cold drip coffee makes for the quintessential pick-me up and is an ideal alternative to a hot coffee (especially in the midst of Summer). Pictured next to the coffee is a decadent gluten-free brownie that almost tastes too good to be considered free of any ‘gluten’. Hitting the spot with your coffee, rich and thick in texture, this brownie gives you the kind of escapism you crave in the midst of the working week.

Entailing the charm of a fashionable café, yet possessing the edge of a modern bistro, Crib Lane is definitely worth a stop the next time you find yourself in the city. Great coffee, accompanied by delicious food, an atmosphere that keeps the creative juices flowing and not to mention the ideal place for those who crave inspirational surroundings, this is one café that fast becomes your new go-to place.

Address: 847 Hay St, Perth 6000

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6.00am-3.00pm

Be sure to find Crib Lane on Facebook & Instagram


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