Think RTW, aka Ready to Wear, next to the white shirt hanging in your wardrobe and adjacent to your LBD, a blazer should appear. Deemed a wardrobe staple, the blazer not only makes up a ‘capsule wardrobe’ but has enough mileage to be worn in four different seasons. Never going out of style, the blazer more or less is that one item that keeps coming back each season stronger than ever and the Summer ’17 season is no exception.

In this week’s fashion post, I’ll show you how to recreate this look and give you some styling tips to execute this on-trend outfit. Firstly, consider your options when looking to invest in a blazer, try on different styles and opt for blazers that are fitted and structured. The Libby Blazer that I am wearing is available from ForeverNew.  The gold buttons on the blazer help to add detail and give the look quite a bit of style and extra edge. In the instance that you already own a black blazer, considering opting for white (also available in this style) which will help to add variety to your wardrobe.

Do keep in mind that a blazer can literally be worn all year round, it is not exclusive just to the cooler months. A blazer draped over the shoulders, worn as a cape is great for wearing in the warmer months. Also, try teaming your blazer with a pair of denim cut-off shorts and a pair of sneakers for easy street style.

To complete the look team your blazer with a printed tee and a pair of distressed denim jeans. I opted for a classic white printed tee to wear underneath the blazer. White will help to break up any dark colours and gives the look a casual vibe, providing balance between the black blazer and denim jeans.

If possible avoid dark tees as they may appear too heavy if worn underneath a black blazer, especially as we are still in the season of Summer. Other colours the tees will work in, include grey, soft pink, champagne and beige.

When it comes to the jeans, I opted for a light blue wash in the style of a cropped boyfriend jean which helps to keep the vibe of the look relaxed yet adds just the amount of edge with the distressed details on the denim. Other denim washes to consider include a white distressed denim, which also looks great teamed with sneakers.

Finally, team a crossbody bag with your look and opt for a pair of aviators or round shaped sunglasses to wear with your outfit. In terms of shoes, I chose a small stiletto heel for a touch of glam, otherwise opt for a pair of white sneakers for on-trend style.


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