Capsule Wardrobe 101: The Little Black Dress

The stylish, sophisticated, fashion conscious woman recognises the importance that a Little Black Dress (LBD) holds in her wardrobe. In the first fashion post for 2017 it’s time to set the tone for your wardrobe by equipping yourself with a new LBD. Trends come and go, but if you’re serious about making 2017 count, then start by getting the basics down to pat of executing the Little Black Dress.

Somewhere between the early days of December to the hazy long weekends and the all together craziness of the silly season, I found myself utter a silent shriek of disbelief followed by an ‘I Have Nothing To Wear’! Trends come with expiry dates and perhaps I am guilty to the point of embracing the ‘off-the-shoulder’ trend just a little too much, hence the shock set in that I had neglected to check the status of my existing LBD. Two days later, one five-hour shopping trip and…. I found my new Little Black Dress.

The sophisticated cut and fit of the Little Black Dress is what earns this item the label of a Wardrobe Staple. It conveys a deep understanding of style to the world. The dress that I am wearing is available online from Cue. The structural fit and edgy zip detailing contributes to the overall style of this LBD, allowing the dress to give a very polished, put-together finish. A tip to remember when opting for various styles is to reflect on the existing items in your wardrobe and determine which will compliment those pieces and your lifestyle.

Rules are NOT necessarily meant to be broken when it comes to the LBD.  The signature staple of a classic LBD is the wearability and accessibility taking you from day to night.

Avoid clingy fabrics and very short hemlines, as they will restrict the limit of usage of the dress. Hint, the post-Christmas sales is the best time to shop because retailers drastically drop the prices making items more accessible to all budgets! Also ensure you find a dress that is comfortable enough to wear all day, perhaps a foreign concept when it comes to fashion but so necessary in order to make the LBD work for you.

A distinct advantage of investing in a LBD is the mileage and versatility. With the simple changing of accessories, you are able to give the dress a dynamic transformation. For the purpose of this shoot I kept the clutch and shoes minimal with subtle tones of nude and tans, however, don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder pieces and try adding pops of colour to give your look a playful edge.

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