Modern Romance

Lace…Ruffles…Chiffon…each trend resembles a lifestyle encompassing all that is the magic of modern romance. This week’s outfit post is about how to style a lace skirt and the on-trend pieces you need to team with the look to create an outfit that is both feminine and romantic.

At the beginning of the Winter ‘16 season, designers were debuting lace and embroidery on the runways in Milan, now fast forward to Summer ‘17 and the trend is still going strong. Designers such as Roberto Cavalli and Alberta Ferretti were quick to embrace this trend, sending models down the runway with gorgeous lace dresses teamed with leather jackets. Modern romance is all about combining the soft with the edgy to create a look that speaks to the current era.

In order to recreate this trend select one piece that will be the focal point for the look. I opted for this kookai black lace skirt featuring an overlay of beautiful lace detailing in the shape of flowers. When looking to invest in a lace item opt for strong colours eg white, black as it will help to complement existing pieces and prove easier to work into a modern wardrobe. In the instance that you already own lots of skirts, try embracing tops featuring lace detailing which can also be very chic all on its own.

Once you have the skirt nailed, consider opting for tops from a lighter, softer palette in order to keep the look ‘romantic’. I chose this soft pink chiffon tie top from ForeverNew as it complements the lace skirt in that it doesn’t overwhelm the outfit but rather brings it together. Other colours to consider teaming with black include, grey marle, nude, beige and champagne. Be sure to avoid heavy fabrics (unless in Winter) when working with lace, as it will confuse the purpose of the look and detract from the feminine feel of the outfit.

Finally, in terms of accessories, I opted for minimal pieces avoiding any major statement items that interfere with the effortless look of the outfit. The only statement piece that I did include was a studded clutch (available from Country Road). Tempted as I was to team a necklace with the look, I decided against it as it was not working as I had envisioned.

When it comes to shoes, opt for a pair that will work for the occasion, or if you want to get more versatility with the look then choose a neutral/tan pair of shoes that will be the least restrictive. (Note, a pair of black shoes will quickly make your outfit look appropriate for ‘night’, so always determine the occasion first).




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