Muse Moments: A-Z Fashion Trends That Defined 2016

Aviator Sunglasses

Over the past two years, aviator sunglasses reached a cult-level popularity amongst the fashion circuit. 2016 saw the addition of coloured, mirrored styles that was quickly adopted by the Instagram cool kids, aka Gigi Hadid.

Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket peaked this past Winter, cementing itself in the fashion archives as one of the most covetable and versatile trends of 2016. From bloggers and editors, to models and IT girls, bomber jackets quickly reached ‘Off Duty’ status.


With endless versatility and style, chambray can only be described as understated cool. Chambray took pride of place next to the basic denim in our wardrobes and cemented its presence as the official wardrobe staple of 2016.

Distressed Denim

Chances are if you didn’t purchase at least one pair of ripped jeans this past year, you were left too overwhelmed to choose between the variation of styles that dominated our Instagram feeds. Like it or not, distressed denim decided for us that there is only one way to wear your jeans from now on!


The quintessential Summer shoe that complimented just about every item of clothing in your wardrobe,  not to mention the iconic Chanel espadrilles that graced the feet of just about every IT girl in the fashion family.

Faux Fur Jacket/Shrug

Remember those cold Winter months, where temperatures regularly dropped to 3 degrees at night and freezing mornings that felt like you were waking up somewhere in England? Well, we quickly turned and took comfort in the plush faux fur jacket which provided both ultimate warmth and iconic style.

Graphic Print Tees

Got a message you want to send to the world…chances are you didn’t even have to utter a word to express your feelings. Instead, you simply selected the appropriate slogan tee to wear based on your mood and…the rest was history.


The high-waisted trend appears to come in and out of fashion, but 2016 saw the rejuvenation of everything high-waisted, including the coveted drape pants which inevitably replaced the skinny cigarette pants.


Believe it or not stepping out of your house wearing your intimates actually became a trend in 2016. With the introduction of the bralette, a combination of a bra and crop top, celebrities were quick to embrace this cheeky ‘less is more’ trend.


Style Icon and Fashion Designer, Victoria Beckham continues to embrace jumpsuits and is regularly opting for the styles in black that flatter and which remain a permanent classic in the wardrobe

Kitten Heels

Pop princess, Taylor Swift is a regular fan of the Kitten Heel and is often seen teaming her heels with longer floaty skirts and chic striped tops.

Leather Look Leggings/Pants

Leggings came back with a twist this past Winter. They were shinier, tighter and not for the faint hearted.

Micro Pleats

Twist, twirl and float your way through the chic streets of Paris in a micro pleat skirt. This staple 70’s inspired trend made one serious comeback in 2016 and judging by all the models and bloggers donning this trend, I’m predicting it’s here to stay!

Nineties Slip Dress

The slip dress had a major IT moment in 2016, when Rihanna turned up to the MTV VMA’s wearing a Stella McCartney emerald green slip dress.

Over The Knee Boots

Possibly made famous by Julia Roberts in the 90’s hit movie, Pretty Woman, ‘over the knee boots’ (previously referred to as Thigh-High boots) became a lot more accessible to the public in recent seasons, with styles varying in heel heights and fabrics eg. stilettos, block heels, flats, suede, leather.

Pom Poms

The pom pom trend wasn’t exactly for the faint hearted, perhaps more suited to the outgoing girl who knows how to have FUN with fashion.

Quilted Purse

The quilted clutch  was a staple amongst celebrities in 2016, Sarah Jessica Parker is spotted here wearing the iconic Chanel black purse.

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

The ripped boyfriend jeans went one step further than the distressed kind, in that they broke every rule possible by making cut outs in the jeans large enough to almost show too much skin…either way I still don’t see them going anywhere in 2017.


If you didn’t own at least one pair of sneakers in 2016, then chances are you probably never opened a fashion magazine. Sneakers made a big impact in the fashion circuit in 2016 and fashionistas were quick to jump on the trend, teaming sneakers with just about every different outfit.

Top Knot Bag

For simply only the fashion conscious who just finished flipping through the latest issue of Vogue and had to have this ‘must-have’ bag, forecasted as the next ‘IT Bag’.

Uniform Dressing

For some reason it seems uniform dressing never really disappears, it just gets a new definition given to it. The classic combination of monochrome means she is chic all year round and is more than just a trend, perhaps a ‘staple’ trend is the appropriate term.


The resurgence of velvet this past year dominated runways in both Paris and New York. This 90’s trend has made a strong comeback in 2016, with the onslaught of velvet dresses, skirts, accessories and chokers.

White Denim

A partner in crime to distressed denim, white jeans were the next denim trend to cover our Instagram feeds, most often seen teamed with a denim jacket.

Xposed Shoulders

A trend that first emerged in the mid 1800’s returned just in time for the beginning of Spring 2016. Both the cold shoulder and off-the-shoulder styles resurfaced in the forms of tops, dresses, jumpsuits and even swimwear. this is one trend I am predicting we will be seeing in 2017.

Yves Saint Laurent Coin Purse

Without exception, models, It girls, celebrities and style bloggers  were all spotted rocking the signature  Saint Laurent coin purse worn draped over their bodies, teamed underneath a jacket for an irresistibly cool edge.

Zoe Karssen

With a strong cult celebrity following, Amsterdam fashion house, Zoe Karssen’s printed sweats and tees make for the perfect Off Duty wardrobe.



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