Capsule Wardrobe Essentials: The Chiffon Shirt

If there was one item of clothing that could define the term ‘effortless’ then I would, hands down, have to give it to the chiffon shirt. Perhaps overlooked too quickly and replaced with off-the-shoulder styles and cropped tops, the chiffon shirt is something that is part of my wardrobe all year round. For those of us who live in Perth, you will be aware that ‘Spring’ is still yet to set in (never mind Summer!) and while it’s now mid- November, the mornings are still cool thus making a shirt the perfect companion.
In this week’s post, I’ll will talk you through the benefits of investing in an off-white/cream shirt and how simple and effortless it is to style and look forever on-trend. Firstly, think about your wardrobe needs and if you already have any existing shirts, such as a denim or chambray (as I do), determine the type of shirt e.g. fabric/colours that will give you wardrobe diversity. I chose to opt for a cream blush chiffon  shirt, which adds variety to my wardrobe and I love the timeless style. A chiffon shirt will take you right though the Spring/  Summer seasons also not to mention in Winter. (Hint….for Winter drape a leather jacket over your shoulder)

When shopping for the right shirt, my suggestion is to always look for pieces that are light in fabric and longer in length as this will give you many options. As seen in the images, I have loosely tucked the shirt into my jeans at the front and left the back out, so it remains long. When teaming your shirt with tights, the longer length is an added bonus in that it will sit at a flattering length so you can wear it as a dress. With the warmer weather just around the corner remember a light fabric will give you endless options for styling and comfort. (The shirt I am wearing is from ForeverNew)

When it comes to styling your shirt, think creatively about the ways you can wear it.  For example, on  a mid-summers day try tucking your shirt into a pair of black high-waisted linen shorts, teamed with gladiator sandals for ultimate chic style. Also know that the shirt can be so comfortable to wear, that it makes it very easy to run errands in, go to lunch, style or dress up for a meeting, the possibilities are endless! When the weather warms up, think about rolling up the sleeves and making a cuff, for a polished look.

Introduce delicate pieces of accessories that compliment the style of your shirt. I opted for a tan choker neck piece that is subtle enough not to overpower the shirt yet adds interest. Also, thin bangles work really well paired together on the wrists (especially if you are going to cuff the sleeves) and try to wear a statement watch which compliments and draws detail to the sleeves. Finally, team a statement bag with your look as the bag brings everything together and often plays the most important part in bringing the look together. (Heels/flats it’s your choice, however wedges are great for all day wear)


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