Book Muse

The Winter weather makes us want to cosy up with a good book, accompanied by a chai latte and some great reading material to take us away to another world. I often use reading as a way of switching off from the digital world. Below I have included a list of 4 books I’m currently reading for this month, the next time you have to endure another long commute to work or uni try picking up one of these page turners!

Tech Bitch by Lucy Skyes & Jo Piazza

Techbitch is the wickedly witty and acutely observed novel about how to keep up in a tech-obsessed world. Imogen Tate, editor-in-chief of Glossy magazine, is a legend in the fashion world. When she returns from a sabbatical to find her twenty-six-year-old former assistant, Eve Morton, has been brought in to turn Imogen’s beloved magazine into an app, including twenty-something bloggers at their desks day and night uploading amateur snaps instead of elegant photo shoots, and a URL address in place of Imogen’s glossy pages.

Bright Lights Paris by Angie Niles

Take a life-changing journey with a fashion insider through the neighbourhoods of Paris—and become the most glamorous girl in town (without even trying).Angie Niles introduces her audience to the city’s chic spots, including the cafes, bars, restaurants and shops where even the IT Parisian girl can be found. (Hint…there is even a delicious crepe recipe inside the book that is definitely worth trying out)

Love Style Life by Darance Gore

For those of you who may have archived this book as a hall of fame, then you know just how easy it is to pick up every now and then and flick through the pages for some inspiration. However, if you haven’t already come across this book then I strongly suggest investing in a copy and treating yourself to some ‘me’ time by spending an afternoon flipping through the visually captivating pages of this hall of fame book.

Got What it Takes to be a photographer by Mikkel Vang

I love learning from creatives and inspiring people. That’s why I enjoyed renowned photographer Mikkel Vang’s limited edition book, where he shares his top ten tips on taking your images to the next level. As a blogger I spend so much time in front of the camera that it’s intriguing to learn what happens behind the lens. This book is a great introduction into the world of photography, you might just end up asking yourself… it time for a career change?


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