5 Motivational Tips to break out of a slump…

Firstly, I promise that I have tried and tested each tip that I have listed in the article below, so you can be assured that they work! Inadvertently we all at some point find ourselves stuck in a slump or hidden underneath a pile of papers desperately trying to crawl our way out…..which is exactly where I found myself IN the first part of this year with blogging!
  1. Create an Inspiration board

I must disclose that it has been far too long since I have created an inspiration board and with the three combining factors of time, space and motivation it just didn’t happen. However with a prompt spare of the moment visit to the shops, I had enough materials to start my project. Expect to spend at least 2 days working on your inspiration board as you will need to hunt and scour a range of magazines for some great pics.

2. Start Planning a trip

If I could see the puzzled looks on your faces right now then I’m sure you just confirmed my doubts about including tip no 4, however I’ll start at the beginning.To start planning a trip with no concrete start and end dates, no evidence of a physical book and sparse ideas might sound crazy but remember the purpose of this task is to regain motivation by creating a long-term goal! Long-term goals can help to re-align our focus by creating something we can work towards for the near or long-term future.



3. Read a Book

Try, Lessons in French by Hilary Reyl.  A few weeks ago, I picked up this book without having any prior knowledge of either the author or the story and nor did I realise that it made Oprah’s top ten book list. Firstly, be prepared for your mind to be working extra hard when reading this book, not only is it thick in volume but worded in a very clever way that includes a lot of french terminology. The next time you need a serious ‘unwinding’ session, just pick this book up, it won’t fail.

4. Watch a French Foreign Film

So you may be feeling an inkling of curiosity as to why I would suggest sitting on the couch watching a movie during the peak of a ‘slump’….instead of recommending hitting the gym for a long workout. No explanation required!

"French fashion magazine editor, Alice Lantins, is a perfectionist and plays life on the safe side, that is until her boss challenges her to try and fit more in with the edgy, playful and fierce environment of the fashion magazines’ culture"

5. Assemble a new playlist…..(for your ears only!)

Updating your Itunes play list may seem like a task too great to tackle and one that you constantly keep putting off (guilty) however the rewards for switching up your tunes will pay off! I am a serial repeat offender when it comes to NOT updating my playlists and thus why I find myself still listening to the Weeknd’s ‘Cant feel my face”, eek! Time for a change!  Don’t be afraid to throw in some old school tunes when assembling a new playlist, as these can often be the best compared to the current songs on repeat on the radio.


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