Tuxedo Dressing

The tuxedo dress is sure having its’ moment this season, with various styles and designs showcased on the runway its’ time to start thinking about investing in this ‘must’ have item. Not only is the tuxedo dress high in style but can also be described as incredibly versatile! Team with a pair of wedges and statement jewellery for the summer season or introduce tights, boots and chunky knits in the winter months. In this week’s post I will show you how to style the tuxedo dress and give you some tips to consider when purchasing the right dress for your body.

With numerous tuxedo dresses available everywhere, it’s certainly no easy task when choosing between an array of different fabrics, cuts, styles and colours. The tuxedo dress that I am wearing is available at online boutique Naomi’s fashion, be sure to head over the site to view the full collection.

My advice is to first start by narrowing down your options and steer towards pieces that are heavier in fabric, such as a stretch cotton. This type of fabric will ensure your dress has more structure, which will give you a chic polished finish. Also be aware of styles that are too short in length, as this can quickly limit the amount of uses that you will get out of the dress and therefore becomes too impractical to wear on a daily basis.

Another tip when looking for the perfect tuxedo dress is to make sure the dress is form-fitting on the upper half of the body. Especially around the shoulders, in order for the rest of the dress to fall perfectly, the shoulders should be fitted. When trying on various styles of dresses, be open to pieces that will provide structure on the upper body as this way it will ensure the rest of the dress remains balanced.

In an attempt to steer clear of anything ‘black’, which I am so often guilty of, I deliberately decide to opt for a cream piece instead. Although cream and white are often part of my daily colour palette, the particular depth of this cream dress is a completely different shade from my usual pieces. Also note, that cream is probably one of the most versatile colours next to black and when thinking about the winter season, cream is a very easy colour to work into your wardrobe.

In terms of styling, feel free to introduce some accessories on your wrists such as leather cuffs, and a selection of different rings will always add extra interest. As we are right in the heart of the summer season, I opted to keep my accessories minimal in order to give the outfit an ‘effortless’ vibe. I chose to team a wooden heel with the dress for a fresh polished summer look. With this particular style of dress, try not to go overboard with accessories as it’s enough on it’s own and you don’t want to detract from the detail of the neckline.

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