Fun Times

If there was one piece of clothing that I would describe as ‘fun’, it would have to be the playsuit….believe me when I say it literally does live it up to it’s name! The warm weather has well and truly arrived, so now is the perfect time to invest in a playsuit. In this week’s post, I will tell you how you to find the right playsuit to wear to almost any occasion and give you some tips on how to style the playsuit.

The playsuit/jumpsuit has undeniably made a comeback in recent seasons and proved it’s more than just a passing trend. With different cuts, including pants, shorts and even strapless necklines, the versatility of the playsuit is endless. Through out the winter season, I invested in at least two full length jumpsuits and opted to team a jacket over the shoulders for extra warmth. Now with the Summer ’16 season in full force, it was time I invested in a playsuit. The difference between a playsuit and jumpsuit is that generally the jumpsuit features pants, whilst the playsuits has shorts.

When choosing a playsuit, try to opt for one that is versatile enough to dress up or down,as this way you will be able to get multiple uses out of your piece. The moment I saw this nautical playsuit in dotti, I knew it would make the perfect addition to my wardrobe. My wardrobe was in desperate need of an updated Summer ‘essential’, and this playsuit turned out to be the missing piece.

In the past, I have favoured black jumpsuits, but the common problem with black is that it can look very dressy, which thus limits its versatility. Choosing a nautical print will make it easier to wear during the day simply running errands, or if going to lunch then just swap flats for heels and add a pop of red nails & lips for a little extra glam.

A few key tips to remember when investing in a playsuit, is to ensure that it’s comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time, this will generally depend on the cut and fabric. If the playsuit features a back zip then chances are it will feel more comfortable on the body, however if there is a side zip, then it may feel tighter on the body.

There are simply NO rules when it comes to styling your playsuit and often depends on your own personal style, as to what accessories you would like to introduce. In keeping with the classic nautical theme, I chose to introduce pops of red with my nails and lipstick. Let’s face it sometimes it’s just fun to wear red and I don’t do it nowhere near as much as I would like. I decided to team a block heel with the look, just as it gives even more versatility and unlike a stiletto heel is not as restrictive. Feel free to add as many accessories as you please and if you choose not to wear a necklace then do be sure to opt for cuffs for extra presence. Always remember to…..have fun in your playsuit!

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