Nautical Threads

Summer is finally here and I couldn’t be more happier! Say goodbye to those cold winter days and the ever-so annoying tran-seasonal Spring weather that made getting dressed an impossible task! To kick off the first official week of the warm season, I’m showing you how to create the perfect go-anywhere look, which consists of a pair of white shorts and a nautical print top. I’ll give you tips on how you can construct your best summer look to debut in the new season.


The reason I called this post Nautical Threads, was simply due to the fact that this outfit started with this off-the shoulder nautical top. I must admit that I am guilty of wearing nautical all year round and will always find a way to work stripes into my current wardrobe. If you don’t already own a nautical piece or just want to refresh your current tops, then follow these tips.


Opt for cropped styles because they are easily matched with your high-waisted pieces or try a tight fitted nautical t-shirt for a chic and effortless feel. The top I am wearing is part of Witchery’s latest collection, however retailers such as French Connection, Marcs or Sportsgirl are also great places to check out on your next shopping trip.

Be sure to pair your nautical top with some white shorts (aslo by Witchery). Ok, so initially I thought of teaming black shorts with my nautical look, however it proved to be too dark for this ‘day’ look and became too formal. This time I was specifically looking for an outfit that could take me anywhere during the day, so I needed to opt for  lighter shades, yet still striking which is exactly how the white looks. Now, when it comes down to the cut of a short, all I can suggest to you is to try on as many pairs as possible! If you’re familiar with a specific brands’ cut of shorts, then stay with them as this usually means they will always work well for your body shape. However if you are still stuck, then opt for a high-waisted pair, which are consistently flattering and provide a nice polished finish.

To complete this look, think about introducing a statement shoe for extra impact. I paired these strappy sandals, which feature a fabric ankle tie, for some added interest and still maintained a casual element to the look. Generally, when attempting to keep your outfit less formal, it’s a good idea to avoid wearing heels.  Finally add some accessories to your arms.  If wearing off the shoulder, then you won’t need to wear a necklace as it will prove to be too distracting. Pair a light tan cross body bag with your outfit and your look is complete.


      • Yeah I used to live in heels back home, but since moving here I’ve gone a bit more casual in Perth’s laid back vibes! My feet are thanking me for it!
        You too, hope to see you again soon! xx


      • I can completely understand about the casual vibe Perth has, it’s an even better reason to go flat…sometimes!Can be hard when Im used to wearing heels for sooo long…I guess I’ll just have to see how it goes! Yes looking forward to catching again soon. take careXO

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