Lipstick VS Lip Gloss

The never ending debate between lip gloss vs lipstick has been going on for so long, that I forget how it even started. Despite both being beneficial in their own right, I most always struggle to choose a side.Let’s face it, our perception of gloss and lipstick has been so heavily influenced by the likes of fashion/beauty magazines that we can’t even decide for ourselves anymore.

The three words that come to mind to describe the personality of a ‘lip gloss’ user is fun, sweet, youthful and someone that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Now, on the complete opposite end of the scale, lipstick traditionally reflects a more serious personality, an air of importance, when she smiles it’s bold and designed to be in your face.

While I own multiple lip products I really don’t think either type completely define your personality, however think about when you’re going on a holiday and you naturally pack lip gloss into your suitcase, it’s just what we associate with different events. Especially considering the minimal trend, of fresh faces is often accompanied by lip gloss rather than a dramatic matte lipstick.

Putting aside product types, it’s most important to make sure that when you’re choosing a lip shade, that it’s going to compliment your skin complexion. For example, just look at how much Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez has influenced the trend of the ‘nude lip’. While each may not have invented it, per say, both are big fans and can regularly be seen wearing a nude lip, which readily compliments bronze complexions so well. Personally I always favour a pop of colour over sheer nudes, which is due to the fact that my complexion is fair and my lips are naturally dark and rich in colour, that the nude shades get lost very quickly.

I think the debate between lip gloss vs lipstick, resonates with the stereotypical idea that ‘blondes’ have more fun than brunettes and people seem to come to that same conclusion about lip gloss.

If you stop for a minute and think about the current hair trends, including bronde ( not blonde, not brown) or balyage, people don’t want to be defined by one certain type, instead they like to choose their moments, when attempting to show different sides of their personality.

When you’re next shopping for a new lip product be sure to ask the sales staff to try on the product before buying! This is so important with lip products, as it’s virtually impossible to visualise how the colour is going to look on your lips and will risk falling into the category of ‘never used’. Most stores will be happy to have you to try on lipstick/lip gloss before you buy.Try your hardest to avoid fabulous, glossy marketing campaigns that are great for sucking you right in, only to completely steer you in the opposite direction. Brands such as Mac are great for themes and while I can admit they often influence my purchases, just make sure you have a purpose for that bright red lipstick!

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