Black on Black

This week’s fashion post is all about the simple sleek polished outfit that just happens to be black on black. Just flick through the pages of the many fashion magazines and you will notice how the all black trend is in full force and once again having it’s ‘moment’. With various models, bloggers and stylists sporting all black it time for you to get on board with this trend.

Start putting your look together by firstly choosing a top that is going to be different fabric to your bottoms. I opted for a cropped top that features a ruched cowl neckline by Kookai, the particular style of cropped top is excellent for teaming with this outfit as it add’s dimension to the overall look. If you do happen to choose a top with a lower neckline, then be sure to wear some extra necklaces with the outfit.

I would suggest avoiding long-line tops or tops that are too heavy in fabric, as they will look too dark and over powering, which is the exact opposite of what your attempting to portray. If we were in the middle of winter, than wearing all black is much more common and readily seen as the ‘norm’.The secret in achieving a polished chic look with this outfit is to choose the right cut in the top and also choose a light weight fabric, so it’s suitable for the spring/summer season.


As you can see in the images, I have chosen to wear a pair of high-waisted black pants, however what you decide to team with your top is entirely individual. If you are going to wear black pants than make sure they are lighter in fabric and appropriate for the warmer weather. As I mentioned previously when choosing heavier fabrics, it’s much harder to portray a smart polished look as they don’t allow for much flow on the body. These particular pants, which just happen to be part of my ‘wardrobe staple’ items, are from Witchery and feature a side zip and tie, which is beyond beneficial to me as I can wear them for formal as well as casual purposes. For a corporate look, I will team a white shirt with the pants and team a pair of peep toe heels, otherwise they are also a great option for a go-anywhere pant.

Accessories will quite simply bring everything subtly together. When I say this I mean that it’s not overly necessary to pile a whole lot of pieces of jewellery with the look, however I would recommend opting for a statement bag which will give an element of interest to the outfit. Tan is always a great choice in bags, as is often my go-to option because it just about compliments everything that I own. Do think about introducing a cuff and watch on either arm just for some extra detail and decide what type of shoe will work best for the occasion that your going.

I chose these Sportsgirl sandals, that feature a wooden block heel, as I liked the slightly less formal look that they give the outfit and also happened to match my bag (this rarely happens)! However, don’t think you have to be limited to just heels, try adding a ballet flat for a casual yet super stylish look or for a corporate edge add a pair of pumps, the choice is entirely up to you!


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