Shall we meet for coffee?

I think I’m not alone when I say having a cup of coffee is part of more than just a morning/daily ritual but really belongs to an enviable, busy sociable lifestyle.Without realising, coffee is now viewed as more than just a mere caffeine drink but a common dominating force that brings people together and forges new relationships.

Thanks to the phenomena of social media, in particular Instagram, our daily news feeds are dominated by beautifully captured images of ones’ coffee, often accompanied by the caption ‘essential part of my day’. Seeing these images subconsciously prompts us to think, wait….I think it’s time for another cup of coffee, if you haven’t already had one.

Setting time aside to meet friends for coffee is a common practice that is imitated all over the world. Countries such as Italy have made coffee an integral part of their lifestyle with numerous cafes filling all the different cities and locals stopping in for a quick espresso before heading back onto their schedules. Even in a city like New York, which is full of corporate workers putting in long hours, coffee caters to their needs and while the locals may be time poor to physically sit down at a cafe, a takeaway coffee is the next best thing. Thanks to iconic TV shows such as Gossip Girl, who referenced the presence of walking down the street with a takeaway coffee popular, it’s strongly ingrained in the culture.

With an array of new cafes and coffee bars popping up in and around Perth, people are always interested in trying out something new and therefore open to not only meeting at cafes for social purposes but where they also like to conduct business. The three most common reasons that people meet over coffee include, catching up with friends/girlfriends, a job interview, which is now becoming increasingly common for employers to choose to interview candidates in a cafe and a coffee date….with that special someone. Unlike meeting for an alcoholic beverage in a bar, coffee is more approachable and generally consumed across a wide range of times during the day, making it the perfect point to meet.

Aside from exploring all the new coffee bars around the city, I find that even when popping in to friends places for a visit, I am always offered a coffee first over any other drink. Maybe due to the fact that unlike alcohol, where it’s generally consumed in the later part of the day, coffee doesn’t have a time frame. Recently, it was my turn to organise a get to together with three of my closest friends (part of a monthly ritual) and this time I decided not to go out for coffee, instead I thought I would share with them a new coffee blend that I newly discovered called Fresh One coffee. Already knowing how amazing the taste was, I was sure the girls would love it just as much as I do, plus with the added element of grinding my own Fresh One coffee beans and then percolating the coffee, before I knew it all three of them wanted to be involved. From espresso to lattes and even an iced coffee, there wasn’t anything we didn’t make.The overall response was so positive, we just spent the next two hours chatting, sharing stories about work, relationships and anything else that we needed advice on, which is generally to me a great way to spend an afternoon before everyone rushes back off to their busy schedules.

At one time, the only city in Australia that really had any solid identification with coffee was Melbourne. But with the Perth food scene rapidly developing with new cafes and especially with new coffee blends available such as Fresh One coffee, we really are making our footprint in the country for being known for superior food and dining and slowly chipping away at the label, ‘small country town’.

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