The reflective cover of this month’s Elle Magazine prompted me to stop and reflect on the past week, and schedule in some ‘me’ time. Too often, we feel guilty for wanting time to ourselves, but when you’re living in a fast paced world driven by social media, it’s deemed almost essential to take a moment to have alone with yourself. Below I have compiled 5 of my best tips that I can share with you, that will help you to relax, rest and re-focus the mind.

1. Indulge in a cup of coffee

Coffee plays such a vital role in my day that I couldn’t imagine functioning without it . As part of my morning ritual I will have a cup of coffee accompanied by breakfast and then am ready to face the day……at least till the afternoon when I crave my second cup! However if you are facing a long day ahead and are forced with an early start, then my best advice is to have a black coffee. Black coffee is great for giving you a kick and if consumed earlier enough in the day then it shouldn’t interrupt your sleep. Having recently discovered Fresh One coffee, I was so delighted to experience a new blend which works perfectly for both black and milk coffee. For my afternoon coffee, I most always favour milk, so the smooth blend of Fresh One coffee makes for a perfect indulgent drink that helps me to relax.

2. Read a Magazine

Personally, I find reading a magazine is a great way to shift my focus onto other subjects and helps to keep me calm. If you’re one of those people, (like myself) whose mind races at 100 miles per hour and struggles to stop (EVER) then reading will defiantly give your mind a break, in a good way. Even if you start by simply browsing advertisements in a fashion magazine, soon enough you will find that your mind stops racing and your thoughts become less frequent, and not to mention, reading produces more effective brain productivity than watching TV or browsing the internet which can trigger thoughts faster than any other source.

3. Be one with nature

As another element of my daily ritual, I like to get outside as much as possible, I think it’s a lifestyle choice that benefits me greatly and if possible spend at least 20 minutes just sitting in the sun. However if you find yourself too busy with work and ‘experiencing nature’ is just too much of a big ask, then at the end of your day, try to spend just 5 minutes outside being still with nature. There is just something calming about being outdoors and helps to clear the mind after a long day in the office.

4. Chill out with some Tunes

Sometimes when I am faced with that mid week slump it can seem impossible to drag myself out to it, so to combat my body’s feelings I put some of my favourite tunes on in my iPod and try to get re-energised. My preference is to always choose an upbeat song with a good beat, as this way it helps to pick me up and gives me an instant burst of energy. Try listening to anything from a slightly cringe worthy pop song to some old school classics that will always put a smile on your face and uplift your mood.

5. Journal or Colour….you decide?

If you’re not already familiar with the ever so popular trend of adult colouring books then now is a great time to learn about them. The colouring books come in different themes such as travel, food, fashion and are extremely beneficial for those who experience stress and anxiety. The next time you’re waiting for an important phone call or counting down the hours before a job interview, try lending your hand to colouring. However if colouring is not your thing then open one of your favourite journals and write down all your thoughts, and look for inspirational quotes to write inside your journal. Remember your journal is private and for your eyes only so be truthful and honest when your writing, as it will always make you feel better.

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