Spring Silhouette’s

Channel your inner spring beauty by exploring a new colour palette of white, purple and tan. EXPERIMENT with  brighter colours and new season accessories, aim to avoid dark or black shades, and remember now is the time to lighten up! .In this week’s post I will show you how to achieve the perfect spring ensemble for a new fresh take on your wardrobe.

Firstly if you don’t already own a pair of white jeans then I suggest to invest in them…. NOW. More than just a mere trend, white denim jeans never seem to go out of style and while they are having their peak ‘moment’ now, you can be rest assured that you will still be wearing them for seasons to come. Aside from being incredibly stylish, they offer a great alternative to the usual black or dark denim jeans that may currently be on rotate in your wardrobe and are a great starting point to create a fresh new look.

In the previous post, I talked about different styles of jeans and how to choose one that suits your body while complimenting the other pieces in your wardrobe. This particular pair I am wearing is a boyfriend style, which is great for achieving style and comfort whilst also a nice change from my usual favoured skinny leg jeans. Do be open to a range of styles and cuts as it will help you to find the right pair for your body. With so many variations of outfit combinations, you really can customise your own colour palette.

With this week’s outfit I decided to step outside my comfort zone and introduce some colour into my outfit well that isn’t….black! This wrap top is from Kookai is a great starting point and comes in three different shades, blackberry, grey and white. My initial choice was to go with white but after trying on the purple shade I knew it was exactly what my wardrobe needed. While the shade is still dark, it’s vibrant enough to add interest to my look. The crossover tie can be tied at the front or woven around the back, it will really depend on the pants/skirt that your wearing.

The most important piece of advice to take into consideration when styling your look is to know that accessories will bring everything together and create an emphasis on your chosen colour palette, so take your time when choosing pieces. To stay within the theme of spring and to keep my outfit light, I chose to introduce some tan and white jewellery.

This tan cuff that I am wearing is by Kookai and is a great choice to team with a tan bag. As you can see my shoes are also  tan, which just keeps the overall outfit light, normally I wouldn’t think about matching my bag and shoes but the shades of tan are really just complimentary of each other. Do add a statement necklace for interest as well as wearing a variety of rings, bracelets and cuffs for an ultimate chic finish.


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