The Evolution of Minimalist Fashion

Minimalism dressing is a state of mind and not necessarily about an item of clothing. It’s a new approach to fashion, or  it may just be one that has always been embraced through the seasons, however is now having its own ‘IT’ moment this year. With bloggers, models, stylists all advocates for minimalism dressing, I decided to reflect on this trend and see what makes it stronger now than previous seasons.

Perhaps it’s because it’s not a ‘trend’ like culottes or cropped tops that require extra thought and a matching companion to pull off the look, minimalist pieces most always compliment other basics in your wardrobe thus taking the stress out of thinking about how to coordinate a look. Maybe todays world is so fast paced that we look to our wardrobe first as a way of navigating through the waters with the assistance of a no fail minimalist uniform for extra support. It can be all too easy to be distracted by the very noise of social media from the moment we wake up, that our wardrobe is slowly suffering unless we work and perfect the art of creating a minimalist one. No it doesn’t mean throwing out everything you own, rather just utilising what you have and investing in durable long lasting pieces that compliment the pre-existing pieces. Originally the key idea of minimalism was to get rid of anything that doesn’t make you happy or enrich your life, making space for the things that do. When a woman gets dressed in the morning she wants to feel ready to conquer her day despite a bad nights’ sleep, through careful selection of chic minimalism pieces, it conveys to the outside world that you are ready for the day ahead.


We can all own the fact that outwardly we express ourselves through our clothing choices, however on the inside we often feel secure when embracing minimalism style as it has more depth than a mere ‘one season’ fashion trend and often earns a deeper respect for one anothers’ personal style. Just have a sneak peak through Instagram and you will quickly notice how many beautifully curated fashion/lifestyle accounts there are purely dedicated to minimalism dressing.

Perth blogger Beige Renegade (Jiawa Liu) knows something about minimalism fashion, gaining a cult following for her effortless chic style, this really is proof that minimalist fashion is more than a trend and with a visually captivating Instagram account, it’s no wonder that users are left beyond inspired from her daily posts.

Having styled countless women over the years, the most common fear they all shared when piecing an outfit together. was the trap of looking too plain. While minimalism dressing can be identified as ‘simple’ clothing, it really comes down to the cut and fit of the items that you choose, which will be the difference between looking boring and looking effortless.

So exactly what does a beautifully curated wardrobe consist of, well firstly it’s not about size, it’s about one’s lifestyle and accommodating it. In saying that the majority of your pieces should compliment one another thus taking the stress out of trying to create an entire outfit. Aim to re-evaluate what’s in your wardrobe and get to know yourself all over again, start by analysing the fabric, patterns, silhouettes and details of your previous pieces and learn how they play a part in your lifestyle ‘today’. Ask yourself questions like, how does the white shirt fit into my everyday life? Or, how many jeans do I own vs trousers? If your inclined to favour jeans, then I would suggest investing in a white pair for this season, as they look great teamed with nautical stripes and an oversized grey knit. By asking yourself the hard questions, you will eventually get to the place of knowing yourself better and what your wardrobe should look like.

Patience is a virtue, so it will take time to develop the perfectly curated wardrobe that not to mention will be Instagram worthy and have your friends looking to you for style advice. Effortlessly, you will leave minimal traces of nothing but clean chic footprints and you will be bound to be successful…….

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