Grey Matters

Grey for winter = wardrobe staple, possibly the most favoured shade to wear in the cool months, (next to black). The ‘IT’ grey for this season, is a soft, light grey marl, which unlike traditional dark grey, is not only lighter in colour but also represents the very popular trend of minimalism dressing, currently favoured by stylists, models and bloggers. This week’s post features a chunky over-sized grey knit top by Dotti, this versatile piece can be worn on its own or styled with a leather jacket for maximum impact.

While over-sized clothing may seem daunting to wear on it’s own, think about introducing a cropped leather jacket to create definition and shape to the body. As we are still stranded in the cold winter months, it is highly unlikely that you would be able to wear this chunky knit on its own, so be creative when choosing a jacket to team with your knit.A leather jacket not only looks great, but will add an element of edge, high fashion and impact to the outfit, plus it will also help to avoid  getting swamped by too much fabric.

This current season, my ultimate go-to jeans are pairs with rips in either a black or light wash denim. I own multiple pairs of these styles and can’t seem to get enough! With this specific look I chose a black cropped skinny pair from Saba. The reason I favoured this specific jean over my others is due to the cropped leg, which allows me to show some skin between the ankle and foot thus creating proportion and balance to the look. By adding an on-trend pair of ripped jeans to the look, there will be a high fashion element to your outfit.

It cannot be stated enough just how much accessories play a big part in this look and how the right pieces will result in people asking, are you a  stylist….?! Start with a statement necklace that will enhance your outfit, not over-power. When wearing grey, I would strongly advise selecting silver pieces with slightly bold detail, as when grey and silver are worn together, they equal perfection. Secondly avoid the mentality of ‘if I wear a chunky necklace, then nobody will notice my top’……never the case with a chunky knit, quite the opposite! Finish off your jewellery with a selection of chunky rings, worn on both set of fingers, for extra edge.

Before you step out of the house and are ready to go, just spare a thought for the bag you have chosen. It may be your everyday tote which is fine, however if you happen to own a bucket bag or a cross body bag then I urge you to swap it and see the results for yourself. This particular style of the bucket bag is strong and delicate at the same time and as you may notice in the images it doesn’t interfere at all with the outfit, but rather show it off better and allows for more focus to be on the knit.

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