Monochrome Moment

In a hectic world, there is something reassuring about clean, simple black-and-white pieces, especially when it’s organized into logical stripes, grids, and figure-flattering vertical planes. Monochrome is modern, cool, and assertive—but never overpowering and is for the true stylist at heart.There is something about the striking combination of black and white, that when teamed together makes for an incredible stylish effortless outfit that really isn't that hard to put together.

This week’s post features a monochrome skirt by Bardot which also happens to be the latest addition to my wardrobe and I’ll show you how to style this piece just one of the many ways you can reinvent it through out the seasons.Pencil skirts can be considered a wardrobe staple in their own right, while I may be the first to admit that I don’t own a lot of pencil skirts, I do however love the look of this particular one and knew that I could easily work the print into my wardrobe.

A couple of things to consider when purchasing a pencil skirt is to ensure the fabric is stretchy, this way the skirt projects a fashion image not a corporate one. Furthermore, with so many various pencil skirts available, try to find one that is proportioned with your height, to avoid looking short. Subconciously perhaps this was the very reason I avoided pencil skirts, because a lot of them are very long in length and unless your 6ft, they can be quite the challenge to pull off. However, like any rare fashion treasure if you look hard enough you will usually find the right skirt for your height, as this one was just perfect…! Not to mention, this particular skirt has to be one of the most comfortable skirts I own, plus the stretchy fabric makes it super easy to wear.

When piecing this look together I decided to team a long line cardigan with the skirt, for a slightly dramatic tone. With black being the very natural choice of colour, underneath my cardigan I chose to wear a structured sleeveless v-neck top with gathers to off set the cardigan and for that extra bit of structure. The fluidity of the cardigan just sat so well over the skirt that it finished the look off. As I previously mentioned there are numerous ways to style this skirt, it’s all about creativity and your personal touch.

In terms of accessories, I deliberately kept my look minimal and avoided any extra necklaces and statement pieces. Introducing another color would lessen the impact of the outfit, so if your neckline happens to beg for ornamentation, then choose a statement piece in black or white. However make sure the pieces are delicate and fine jewellery this way the look is kept minimal. This skirt draws so much attention that extra pieces fast become distracting and divert attention away from the simplicity of the look.

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