The Denim Edit

This week’s post is all about the latest addition to my wardrobe, which is the denim shirt. Perhaps long over due to make an appearance, I simply can’t believe I went so long without this ‘wardrobe staple’ but I can rest easy no knowing it’s placed right at the very front of my closet. The denim shirt has long been a part of every fashionable women’s wardrobe for so many seasons, that it’s the one item that is likely to never go out of style which is how it earned the title of ‘ wardrobe staple’

The denim shirt shown in the images that I am modelling is from Sportsgirl’s latest collection and yes it’s selling fast. Ok, I am going to fess up and admit that I can’t remember when I last owned a denim shirt, as you can probably assume from my previous fashion posts, I do tend to favour the structured polished pieces more, however the term ‘stepping out of your comfort zone’ rings very true in this instance. Pushing fashion boundaries can be scary, exciting and revolutionary all at the same time, even for myself, I have learnt so much about my own personal style just through my blog posts, that I can recognise when it’s time to try something different.

This is the one piece of clothing that is designed to make your life easier not difficult, so be open to styling your denim shirt a hundred different ways (literally) and depending on the day/occasion choose the option that is most suitable and shows your personality.As you can see I have teamed my shirt with a pair of black skinny leg jeans, added a cross body bag and my favourite cat-eye sunglasses for an ever so stylish relaxed weekend look. Below I have compiled a list of the three most important points, as to why the denim shirt is so beneficial to your wardrobe.


Three Things I love about the denim shirt:

1. Comfort/Fit

Firstly I cannot tell you how easy and comfortable it feels to wear a denim shirt, it makes me wonder why I suffered for so long  in form fitting tops with rigid side zips that don’t always go over your bra, yes they look great but don’t earn any points whatsoever for comfort. This shirt is the least restricting item of clothing that I own, and even though it’s more of a relaxed loose style, the cut of the shirt still gives the body enough shape, making it look polished in a casual way. Perfect for every season, this piece will long be part of your wardrobe.

2. Versatility

Mmm, ok I know I have used the word ‘versatile’ more than once to describe the many pieces in my wardrobe, however this denim shirt has so much impact on an outfit that there are just countless ways to style it. For instance, if you want to dress up the shirt, then team a black A-line leather skirt and pair of heels for an uptown chic look. Or try teaming it with a pair of new season white jeans for an ultimate relaxed stylish outfit that will be your best friend at brunch. Even look ahead to the spring months and pair the shirt with neutral linen shorts and wedges for a fresh take on your spring wardrobe.Trust me when I say this item of clothing was made for Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter!

3. Instant Effortless Style

The moment I tried this shirt on in the change rooms, I was taken back by how effortless it looked and with the perfect shade of blue denim it screamed the words ‘style’. Maybe the fact that due to it’s iconic roots and repeated features in advertisements, that’s the reason this piece is so well known for style. ‘Minimal’ items often require a slightly deeper thought process when it comes to styling techniques, but what I love about this shirt is that is has an identity all of it’s own and it’s up to you to add your personal touch. Consider introducing a fedora and pair of aviators for a touch of glam or if you a super daring than style it with a pair of blue denim jeans….just because you love fashion and aren’t afraid to show it!


 Well fashionista's, you may all be ahead of me and have been living in your denim shirt since the early days,but I recommend to anyone that doesn’t think they can pull it off to just TRY IT! Embrace your inner stylist, (we all have one), and get creative about working this piece into your wardrobe. Plus how useful is it to know that this piece will become part of your wardrobe forever and you won’t have to worry about reinventing it.


  1. Denim shirts really are effortless! I have a few now which are on constant rotation for winter. So cute and comfy too! em x


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