When was the last time you invested in a new pair of black pants? This was the exact question I was asking myself, moments before purchasing this high-waisted draped pair. The two essentials basics to this week’s look is a soft pink cross-over top and a pair of draped high waisted pants, when teamed together they make for an incredibly effortless high fashion look.

For some time now I had been content just using my corporate cropped black pants as my go-to pant, which not only proved limiting but also quickly passed the point of versatile. It was evident I was due for a fresh, stylish pant that could take me anywhere. This particular pair I’m wearing is from Witchery,  I suggest investing in a pair super quick as there is a limited range available. With subtle intricate detail and an elegant tie waist, you will be sure to make just the right statement. I almost always favour pants that have a slightly more formal look to them, as this way I can use them for multiple occasions.

Two of my all time favourite colour combinations, (aside from black & white), is soft pink and black. There is just something very chic and femine about these colours and not to mention a subtle parisian vibe. As we are still in the cool months, I opted for cross-over top that when layered over a black cami, instantly becomes very elegant. This look really allows for a lot of creativity and individualism, so be as daring as you like when choosing styles. Try teaming a printed cropped top for an edgier version of this outfit or opt for a chunky winter knit and a pair of ankle boots for instant street style.

Accessories are if not the core in finishing a look off, or maybe its because were spoilt this season with numerous fashion magazines telling us not to leave home with wearing at least one ‘IT” item. I would recommend opting for no more than two stand IT accessories with this look, as it quickly can become too much. This tan fedora was a natural choice for me, as I like to introduce that very subtle pop of colour and not to mention the style of hat is smart/casual compliments the outfit.



Depending on the style of top you have chosen, I would suggest teaming either an envelope clutch with the look or a mid-sized tote. Initially I thought teaming a cross body bag with the look would be a no brainer, but as there is so much detail on the pants and neckline of the top, it proved to be to over powering. Likewise with shoes, there is so much variety, but steer away from styles that wrap around the ankle, as it will cut the ankle and makes legs appear shorter, thiner straps are generally best.


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