The IT Girl’s Guide to Dressing

The fashion rules have been rewritten this season with more trends and individual pieces to choose from it’s really a statement makers dream. This week’s post is all about chic dressing including the three ‘it’ items of the season, a fedora, a pair of over-the knee boots and a cross body bag.

Let’s get down to business, when putting together a fashion forward look such as this one, you need to ensure your outfit (pre-accessories) is kept minimal, versatile and opt for uniform colours. Your ‘it’ accessories must compliment your outfit, not over power it. This luxe turtle neck top by ShopGoh (available at is one of the most versatile and not to mention essential additions to my wardrobe. If not for only keeping me warm in the icy cool winter months, this turtle neck top  is very chic is style and provides that polished yet effortless finish that I love.

This turtle neck top can be teamed with multiple items in my wardrobe that I like to put under the label ‘endless versatility’. Sometimes I think the word ‘versatile’ is thrown around too lightly in fashion but this piece lives up to the it’s label.

Not sure how to tackle print, take a graphic approach! This A-line skirt by Marcs, ticks all the right boxes for me, when I’m looking for a short print skirt. Not only does this style dominate my wardrobe but really compliments my over-the knee boots, creating just the right amount of space between fabric and skin.

I have long been a fan of prints and often like to dip my toes in this trend, if not for just avoiding my usual ‘safe’ options, yet it still gives the outfit enough detail and an element of interest. In Winter we naturally choose darker colours and if you are like me then, next time your shopping be on the look out for that slightly detailed piece that might just introduce some much needed diversity to your wardrobe.

This season we have seen both the fedora and cross body bags make stand out contributions to fashion runways and succeeded on their own terms. My advice when investing in these ‘it’ items is to firstly try on as many fedoras as possible then choose one that compliments your face. Too many times we flip open a magazine to see a look we love but if it’s not your face shape, then it won’t work. With countless options available in bags to choose from, show your creative side and opt for something unique, by trying a bright colour for an extra bit of pop to your look.  Just ensure you give your outfit enough balance and steer away from bags that that may be too chunky.



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