High Fashion, Country Style

Two of my favourite items for winter include a cream wool coat and a pair of leather over-the knee boots, with these two items stocked in my wardrobe my uniform is complete. Possibly the quickest and easiest outfit to put together, these two hall of fame wardrobe staples will ensure your look is fashion forward in the Winter’15 season.

I can’t recall the exact number of scenes from different movies that have featured a leading lady wearing an iconic cream coat, be it a trench or a peacoat. It’s part of a word-wide uniform that is constantly re-invented to look part of the current season. This look is not only iconic but incredibly versatile, which also explains why so many different strong female characters in films can all be seen replicating this same look.

A few tips to consider when purchasing your next winter coat, is firstly to determine what colour you will wear the most, and perhaps what your wardrobe is missing. I love cream, just because it makes a statement all on its own but if you feel the colour doesn’t enhance your best features then opt for grey or black. If you do decide on black then be that bit extra creative with your scarves and accessories to avoid looking too corporate.

People often get confused about the difference between a trench coat and a double breasted coat. The two serve completely different purposes, a trench coat always has a certain level of formality to it therefore making it more appropriate for a professional, corporate environment. The double breasted coat is firstly softer in fabric and  it’s what I like to call your ‘weekend’ coat.It can compliment almost anything in your wardrobe and works best teamed with a pair of skinny jeans and boots. Plus if you are looking for extra warmth then a wool coat will be your best friend in the chilly winter weather.

In terms of styling your look, keep it simple, as these two staple pieces will do most of the work. Accesorise your look with just a few delicate piece of jewellery, necklace, rings and opt for a thin leopard print belt to sit just above the waist. The less the better with this outfit so once you have selected some accessories then just decide on your favourite bag that will bring the look together. Do stay within the same colour shades, I kept with the theme of classic colours and naturally opted for this tan tote.(Seen above)


If you’re like me and own more than one pair of boots in your closet, then you will have to work through the styles that are most complimentary to this look. I always favour a touch of glam to most any look so thats why I chose an over- the knee pair of boots with a stiletto heel. However by teaming such a bold boot over the jeans it tones down the drama level of the boots and subtly makes a statement. Don’t be afraid to also try a tan boot which could be a great addition to your wardrobe and makes for a fun change. When pulling off this very iconic look, ensure your make-up and hair are kept simple yet polished and add a pop of lip colour for a subtle wow factor.



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