Winterize Your Wardrobe

As the cool weather is well and truly upon us it's time to starting thinking about your winter essentials and what’s missing in your wardrobe. I started to do a complete overhaul of my wardrobe earlier this month and my gosh it was no easy task!

It can be difficult to narrow down exactly what pieces I needed this winter and which one’s weren’t serving a purpose anymore. It’s all well and good to have endless ‘pretty’ yet impractical items in your wardrobe, but when the icy cold weather comes you will need pieces that are durable, warm and can work just as great layered under jackets as well as on their own.


Meet the newest investment in my winter wardrobe, which is this Country Road Cowl Neck Top. Crafted from a combination of cotton, elastic & polyester this winter essential is fast becoming part of my weekend uniform. In this week’s post I will provide you with a guide to buying the right winter essentials for your wardrobe and how to make sure you look on-trend, fashion forward without be overpowered by a bundle of layers.

Firstly, consider the winter items that are already in your closet and pieces to purchase, that you could really benefit from. This could include chunky knits, longline cardigans, wool jumpers and not to mention essential winter accessories such as scarves. A great starting point is to narrow down exactly which items you are currently wearing on repeat and ask yourself, how well these pieces go teamed under my jackets,? In order for a piece of clothing to become a winter ‘essential’ it needs to stand the test of time, which means wearing it through multiple seasons, it compliment everything else in your wardrobe and as previously stated looks great under at least 80% of your jackets.


To achieve that effortless, stylish yet edgy look with your winter wardrobe, ensure you purchase knits that are more on the fitted side rather than over-sized.


Too often than not, people fall into the trap of looking frumpy and sloppy when their winter pieces are too big. The more fitted the garment, the more style your look will have. While runway trends excite us, over-sized knitwear is just not that easy to pull off! Brands such as Review, Portmans, Kookai are great stores to visit for fitted knitwear.


Generally I would recommend selecting winter pieces in neutral shades, this way it will be much easier to pair with the other items in your wardrobe. To keep your winter look on-trend, invest in a good pair of ripped jeans, I am currently wearing a pair from Saba.Even though the rips are more subtle in these jeans and aren’t as dramatic as my boyfriend jeans, they still provide enough detail that keeps the jeans interesting and edgy. It’s also a great twist on the traditional black skinny leg jeans. Remember, when choosing tops to pair with your look, a cowl or turtle neckline will instantly say ‘winter’ to the outside world, so stay with these type of necklines not to confuse your look.

I have always loved the classic combination,(uniform) of black & cream so in keeping within the uniform, I chose to team a pair of opened toed boots with my look. Versatile enough to be worn with a skirt as well as jeans, these boots give my look that much needed edge and stop it from looking too traditional. Be sure to stay choose classic colours when deciding which bag to pair with your look, I chose a deep tan tote bag with this uniform for that oh so rich, glamorous country side look.


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