Extreme Lengths

Fashion forward, check, practical for winter, check, style mmm…12/10 you guessed it! I’m talking about the hottest item for winter which is the Long-Line Cardigan. It’s time to think about swapping the short for the long and trust me when I say you will never look back!


While you may think the long cardigan is difficult to master, I will provide you with tips and tricks to pull off this trend in this weeks’ fashion post. Start by thinking about the long-line cardigan as more of a ‘piece’ in your wardrobe, as opposed to something that belongs with the ‘basics’. When I initially purchased this black cardigan from Asos, I was sure that a pair of black skinny jeans would compliment the cardigan perfectly. However when teaming the two together it was definitely a little overpowering in all black, aside from initially panicking I decided to switch things up a bit. Opting for my light wash boyfriend jeans, proved to be the best choice as now the overall look with the cardigan was simply more balanced. I would recommend thinking carefully about selecting the colour of the cardigan that you want to start off with, as you want this piece to be as versatile as possible, opting for a beige or grey marle would be an ideal starting point. You can always introduce dark under pieces to a light cardigan to give it more impact


After coordinating some colour combinations together, the next important piece of advice I can give you is to decide what shoes you will wear with your outfit. As I have modelled the cardigan with jeans and a pair of mules, I would suggest you start thinking about shoe options. I cannot stress enough that adding a heel to your look will take the cardigan to another level, by allowing flow & fluidity to it (unless of course you’re 6ft). There is nothing worse than the feeling of being swamped by endless material, so simply team a pair of blocked heels with your look, this way it’s practical for day and gives you just enough height.


Be sure to keep your second layer simple, yet effective. By this I mean choose a top that compliments the colours of your cardigan & jeans. Use accessories to add that extra bit of glam to your outfit. For my second layer, I chose a simple structured singlet top with  a v-neck, so I had skin showing to break up the black. This will be entirely up to you and how you feel your top suits the look, just remember to work with the proportions of the outfit. I often love to wear a combination of small jewellery and accessories, in order to look like I’m wearing more…if you get it! I teamed this skinny belt over my singlet top to create definition around the waist and introduce some further detail.


Accessories will really allow you to make the look your own and you can be as creative as you like. I am a huge fan of long statement necklaces, so I teamed it with this look for a very relaxed style. Once you start with one long cardigan, you will quickly be back for another. Use these tips to help master your next look and literally start swapping the short for the long…..


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